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Creating the Perfect Customer Experience with Naples Electric Bikes

Author: Nathan Crossley June 7, 2022 · 3 Min read
Creating the Perfect Customer Experience with Naples Electric Bikes

Naples Electric Bikes




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Naples, Florida

What happens when a luxury hospitality expert and a digital marketing expert get married? In the case of Kelly and Scott Carr, the answer is an e-bike rental business that boasts incredible customer service and a custom-built premium online booking experience. Naples Electric Bikes brings out the best of the couple and is powered by Booqable.

Sometimes the stars align, and the resulting partnership is kismet. Being able to draw on the strengths of each other to create a successful business is really something special. They say not to mix business and pleasure, but couples that make this work wouldn’t have it any other way. Their bond is unbreakable, and they bring out the best in each other.

Naples Electric Bikes

In October 2020, Kelly and Scott Carr launched Naples Electric Bikes as a mobile, delivery-only e-bike rental operator in Naples, Florida. Kelly has over 20 years of luxury hospitality experience, while Scott has over 15 years of sales, marketing, and web development experience. Their combined skills and knowledge were perfect for creating a modern rental business.

Naples Electric Bikes was created with premium product quality and a five-star customer experience that was convenient and approachable. The couple also wanted their e-bike rentals to be incredibly easy from start to finish. This includes the booking process, pre-rental communications, providing curated ride experiences, and ensuring riders have a thorough orientation.

By offering a delivery service, they have been able to give people the opportunity of experiencing electric bikes without the hassle of going to a bike shop. They have found that this has been especially helpful for older and less fit riders who don’t feel as comfortable walking into a store. This ensures that no one misses the opportunity to experience them.

Creating the perfect website

When Kelly and Scott decided to start an e-bike rental business together, they knew they would need rental software to manage their inventory. Scott knew that he wanted to be able to build and custom website with its own look and feel. He tried many booking platforms but found their checkout flows to be clunky and rigid until he came across Booqable.

He was thrilled when he realized that he could build a custom website, implement products how he wanted, and then add the button elements from Booqable. This was really important to both Kelly and himself as it allowed them to create a personal checkout experience. However, this freedom wasn’t the only thing that sold them on the rental software.

Personalizing the experience

Booqable has also allowed Kelly and Scott to create a personalized customer service experience. As soon as a customer makes a booking, they receive a customized confirmation of their booking. Their information is then sent through a Zapier integration, and they receive a waiver request and calendar invites. Ensuring the pre-rental experience is streamlined.

Kelly and Scott found that “every aspect of the product is much better than anything else around,” and they “couldn’t imagine handling inventory, payments, and scheduling without Booqable.” Concluding that “it’s a tremendous resource for our business and it’s mind-blowing than any small to mid-size rental operator would use anything else!”

Finally, they love being able to take their business on the go. As a mobile rental service specializing in deliveries, it’s essential to have access to all of their bookings wherever they are. The iOS app has allowed them to keep their upcoming orders, customer, and payment information in their pockets when delivering to customers.

Focussing on growth

Kelly and Scott found the perfect fit for their rental business when they started using Booqable. It has allowed them to focus on their operations and growing Naples Electric Bikes. They love being able to run their business themselves and plan to continue to grow organically until they reach the maximum capacity.

Scott loves Booqable so much that he has made creating custom rental website design a core service in his web design business. He has begun assisting other e-bike rental operators across the US with building a much better online experience for their customers. So far, this has proved to be an incredible success, and he loves building around Booqable’s integrations.

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