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Your Bagsy Pushes Forward Sustainable Fashion with Luxury Bag Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley February 26, 2024 · 3 Min read
Your Bagsy Pushes Forward Sustainable Fashion with Luxury Bag Rentals

Your Bagsy




Luxury Bag Rentals




Picking up on trends at the right time can set an entrepreneur above the rest. This was the case for the founders of Your Bagsy when they realized that fast fashion was becoming an unstoppable force. They found an opening in the marketing for luxury bag rental and started their own business in 2021. Since then, they have used Booqable to help grow it into the leading luxury bag rental marketplace in the UAE.

Your Bagsy

Your Bagsy was founded in October 2021 and has become a local institution. They have over 50 bags available to rent anytime, ranging from cute, dainty clutches to limited edition totes. Sustainability is top of mind and allows them to provide the benefits of fast fashion without the associated waste.

Budding fashionistas can access the latest luxury bags at affordable prices, allowing them to elevate their style without the high ownership costs. Your Bagsy attracts everyone, from fashion-conscious individuals to professionals and trendsetters. In addition, they allow customers to lend out their bags for a 40% commission.

Rounding out their eco-friendly offerings are their professional repair and restoration services. Whether it’s a treasured bag needing a little TLC or a complete restoration, they can help. These efforts have aided their journey to become a category leader in the UAE and earned them features in magazines like Cosmopolitan.

Efficiently automating processes

During its first year in business, Your Bagsy faced significant challenges with its day-to-day operations. First, their customers needed help to select their preferred rental dates, leading to a lot of time-consuming communication. Second, tracking payments was inefficient and caused potential errors and inefficiencies. Finally, the manual process of order fulfillment could have been more accurate.

So, they searched for a solution to their problems that would be more efficient and customer-friendly. Their search led them to Booqable, and after comparing it to other options on the market, they found it to be the most suitable for their needs. They were able to implement many features to allow them to automate time-consuming tasks.

Now, the online booking process is super user-friendly, with customers able to browse, check availability, and book their rentals efficiently. This reduced the amount of communication required to complete a booking. They are also able to track payments from customers within their booking workflow. Finally, order fulfillment is simplified with all the relevant information available within a few clicks.

GCC expansion

Having established themselves as market leaders in the UAE, they are shifting their focus to the wider GCC area. They will continue their dedication to environmental conservation, which has led to planting over 200 trees already planted and 20 more added each month. Additionally, they are collaborating with local UAE designers to showcase their support for the community and emerging talent.

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