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Rebranding and Scaling a Rental Business with Rent Your Adventure

Author: Nathan Crossley September 10, 2021 · 3 Min read
Rebranding and Scaling a Rental Business with Rent Your Adventure

Rent Your Adventure




Activity Rentals


Lebbeke, Belgium

Rent Your Adventure started with the “we can do better” spirit that has defined many successful companies. From offering laser tag sets to stocking over 1,000 items, the company has grown massively since its humble beginnings. Much of this expansion has been fuelled by Booqable, which has made scaling the business, adding new products, and focusing on the important things much easier for the trio.

Recreational and adventure sports equipment rental is a market that the general public rarely comes across. It was something that youth clubs and other businesses would use for a long time to bring their members fun activities. However, it has expanded into the party and events sector over the past couple of years and now caters to birthday parties and other events.

Rent Your Adventure

In 2018, a trio of youth club workers found themselves looking for fun and original activities for the children they cared for. However, they often bumped into troublesome procedures or prices that were way too high. But, having an entrepreneurial spirit among them, they thought that they could do it better. Soon after, Laser Adventure was created, providing laser tag sets that were affordable and easy to rent.

By the time 2020 came around, they decided to rebrand the company and offer a broader scope of products. This is when Rent Your Adventure was founded, and they quickly scaled their inventory to over 1,000 products. As you can imagine, this extensive growth led to many issues, and they decided it was time to seek out rental software to expand their business.

They now offer a wide range of recreational and adventure sports equipment that covers most activities. Some activities include laser tag sets, paintball sets, archery tag sets, and bumper balls. Rent Your Adventure strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and an additional benefit of seeking rental software was that they would be able to achieve it.

Managing over 1,000 rental items

Before looking for rental software, Rent Your Adventure was managing their bookings in Excel templates. They didn’t have a uniform mailing structure which meant communicating with customers and creating quotes took a long time in Excel. They also found it challenging to keep track of orders during busy periods, and the order process was cumbersome for customers.

When they found Booqable, they took the time to test it extensively and found it was the perfect match for their business. Their administrative time is now a fraction of what it used to be, thanks to automating a lot of processes within Booqable. In addition, they can directly send quotes and invoices at the click of a button with documents that are automatically populated with the web app.

Since using booqable, we’ve matured as a business and reached higher quality levels in marketing, customer success management, administration, payment follow-up, and much more!

Providing a higher level of service

The final goal of Rent Your Adventure’s rebrand was able to assist customers better than ever before. They have been able to achieve this and focus on the things that matter: helping customers organize their perfect event or party without any hassle.

It helped us improving our professionalism, and we managed to provide a higher service level to our customers.

Rent Your Adventure has also quickly scaled up its business and added new products to its ever-expanding offerings. They have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers now that they can book online through their website receive answers to any questions they have with a much more immediate response.

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