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How Velvet Decor Rental Grew Their Business Without Hiring Extra Staff

Author: Nathan Crossley October 25, 2021 · 3 Min read
How Velvet Decor Rental Grew Their Business Without Hiring Extra Staff

Velvet Decor Rental




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When growing your business, sometimes you need a little help. Ganna and her husband discovered this when their event rental business started to take off, and they needed assistance managing their inventory. Since beginning to use Booqable last year, they have more than doubled their inventory without hiring any extra staff.

Those in the event rental industry, or who have experienced event rentals, know that it’s a complex operation. You need to communicate with clients, manage bookings and ensure inventory is available when you need it. That’s why being able to automate parts of this process can reap excellent rewards.

Velvet Decor Rental

In 2019, Ganna and her husband started their wedding and event rental business, Velvet Decor Rental. They worked as wedding photographers for a decade and knew everything about the industry from the inside. So for them, it felt like a natural transformation to transition from wedding photographers to event rental business owners.

They mainly offer wedding decor, including wedding archers, flower stands, candle holders, seating, signs, and picnic packages. In addition to renting the equipment, they also hand-make it all themselves. Often, they get requests from people wanting to purchase their equipment, but this goes against their mission statement.

Ganna and her husband decided to rent wedding and event equipment because it is more eco-friendly. In addition, they believe that allowing multiple people to rent the same equipment is better than buying them to use once. This is part of a fundamental shift in society towards rentals as the more environmentally-friendly option for equipment.

More and more couples in our country think about their carbon footprint while planning their wedding.

Time-consuming tasks

When they started Velvet Decor Rental, Ganna and her husband only had ten products that they rented out. A year later, this became over 100, and this growth meant that they spent a lot of time going through reservations to ensure each customer got everything they ordered. However, this process was done manually, and it was prone to human error.

This meant even more time was spent trying to prevent mistakes or double bookings from happening. As their collection grew, this became more and more of a problem that they had to deal with. In addition, they would spend a lot of time preparing and fulfilling quotes for clients, for which they didn’t have a centralized system to track everything.

Everything in one place

As you can imagine, they could see themselves growing considerably faster than they could handle with their current processes. So, it was time to look for software that could help them to automate some of these processes. It would also need to incorporate as many of their daily tasks as possible. So, the search for their ideal software began.

Ganna tried trial versions of many rental software products, but they were either too complicated or had too many unnecessary functions. However, once she tried Booqable, she found it intuitive and understandable. She could start working within it immediately and have all the essential features needed to run her business at her fingertips.

She now has a centralized booking system that has all her orders in one place. It warns her about the possibility of overbooking, prevents mistakes, calculates prices and discounts, and creates a client database. This has significantly streamlined her quoting process, and it now takes her just a few minutes to prepare for a client rather than over an hour.

Doubling down

Ganna and her husband have been able to grow their business more efficiently than ever before. Since using Booqable, they have been able to increase their inventory by more than double double, from 100 items to 250, without hiring extra staff to help manage their business. She said, “If we couldn’t use Booqable, we couldn’t manage the order quantity we have now.”

This summer, Velvet Decor Rental had their busiest wedding season yet, and they have found Booqable to be the perfect companion. It has got them through what could’ve been a make-or-break period, and they are now prepared to continue the growth. In addition, they now have the tools to scale faster than they ever could with only a small monthly expense that’s cheaper than hiring more staff.

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