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Managing Rentals from Your Phone with Lakeys Bikes and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley May 9, 2022 · 3 Min read
Managing Rentals from Your Phone with Lakeys Bikes and Booqable

Lakeys Bikes




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Jersey, UK

You have to strike while the iron is hot. Otherwise, you could miss a great opportunity. Will Glenn noticed a lot of large bike rental companies shut down during the pandemic and saw it as a chance to start his own bike rental business. He chose Booqable’s iOS app to manage bookings, pickups, and deliveries and he can’t imagine what it would be like without it.

Over the past couple of years, it is a sad fact that a lot of businesses haven’t been able to survive. However, from the rubble of old businesses, thousands of new ones have been started. Now, they are well on their way to being successful businesses because they met the demand of the market at the perfect time while well-known options were dwindling.

Lakeys Bikes

In late 2021, Will Glenn found himself reflecting on the impact the pandemic had on the island of Jersey. Many of the larger bike rental companies had shut down and the remaining ones had moved onto electric bikes. He’s a firm believer that the best way to explore Jersey is through it’s many scenic cycling routes and it’s more satisfying doing so under your own steam.

So, he set about creating Lakeys Bikes to rent traditional bikes and everything anyone would need to explore the island. Customers can either pick up their bikes or have them dropped off at their accommodation the night before. Allowing them to start their adventure when they’re ready and not worry about getting to the store on time to collect their bikes.

However, what makes Lakeys Bikes unique is the personalized touch that comes with every booking. Will and his team take an interest in their customers’ plans, help them plan suitable routes, and even stay in touch throughout the rental period to make sure everything is all right. Going the extra mile has really helped them to stand out among the best on the island.

Fully mobile rentals

When Will founded Lakeys Bikes he stumbled upon Booqable to power his day-to-day operations. He couldn’t imagine running his business without it as it allows him to do many things in one package. He can keep track of customer details, take online bookings, and accept payments. For him though, the most powerful part of Booqable is the iOS app.

Every morning, he wakes up, grabs his iPhone, and opens the Booqable app. He brings up all of the bookings on his agenda for the day and takes note of what bikes are needed and when they will be picked up. Then, when he arrives at work, he is able to prepare all the orders before his customers arrive, so he’s fully ready for the day ahead.

This allows him to spend more time doing what he loves. Getting to know the customers, giving them advice, and making sure they enjoy their time cycling around Jersey. He’s not held back by being unprepared or worrying about taking payments from customers. The iOS app has allowed him to take a fully mobile approach to his rental business.

A beautiful place

Will believes that Lakeys Bikes wouldn’t have been as successful if he didn’t have Booqable to back him up. Not only has the mobile app given him more freedom and time to spend with his customers, but it has also kept his retention high. By allowing customers to book and pay in advance, he is able to reduce the number of cancellations and no-shows.

He has only been running his business for a few short months, among which are considered the low season. So, it’s not hard to imagine how much more success is to come when summer comes around and more tourists begin to flock to the island. Luckily, Will is prepared with his entire rental business accessible from the palm of his hand!

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