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From Employee to Entrepreneur with the Founder of Boomer Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley July 31, 2023 · 3 Min read
From Employee to Entrepreneur with the Founder of Boomer Rentals

Boomer Rentals




Party Rentals


Oklahoma, USA

Sometimes when working for someone else, you get the idea that you could do the same job yourself. For most, this is only a dream, but it was a reality for Jordan Carter. After working in the party rental industry for several years, he started his own company. Since early 2022, he has opened two locations and used Booqable from the first day.

Boomer Rentals

In 2015, Jordan Carter started working in the party rental industry. After a few years, he decided he could do it himself. So, he spent a couple of years saving and, by the end of 2021, had a plan for his business. First, he opened a location in Northeastern Oklahoma called Sooner Event Rentals, followed by a second location a year later in Central Oklahoma called Boomer Rentals.

They rent out almost anything you need for a party, whether you’re a private person, company, church, non-profit, or government. Customers can rent everything from party tents to tables, chairs, and bounce houses. Generally, they cater to birthday parties, weddings, banquets, concerts, corporate events, and political events.

Jordan has been successful with both businesses because he can offer a more extensive selection than his competitors while being much more affordable. In addition, it is much easier for customers to book on his websites. His favorite part of running a party rental business is seeing all the smiles on the kids and parents when he sets ups bounce houses for parties.

Starting with the right software

Having spent several years in the party rental industry, Jordan knew the pitfalls he wanted to avoid in his business. The most important was managing inventory in a system that made it easy to keep on top of everything. So, he sought rental software that provided all the functionality he needed, including inventory management and online bookings.

Soon after, he decided that Booqable catered to every need and started implementing it in his business. He quickly added his inventory and created a website with Booqable’s website builder. This enabled him to launch his business quickly and accept online quote requests—all within an easy system for himself and his customers to use.

When he came up against obstacles or had ideas, he found that Booqable already had a solution that met his needs. One of the most important questions was adding more fields to the checkout screen. He reached out to support and immediately got walked through how to implement it on his website, which he was very pleased about.

More locations

Now that Jordan has two locations for his business, he has expanded his team, and they have found it easy to use Booqable. He plans to expand the business by opening another two locations over the next five years. Meanwhile, he wants to focus on providing customers with the best experience and hopes his competitors don’t catch on to Booqable.

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