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Vesparun Streamlines Booking Management and Payments with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley July 3, 2023 · 3 Min read
Vesparun Streamlines Booking Management and Payments with Booqable





Scooter Rentals


Cinque Terre, Italy


Creating unforgettable experiences is no easy task, many factors must be considered. Simonetta and Daniel have made something truly memorable with Vesparun. Combining vintage scooters with the beautiful landscape of Cinque Terre, Italy, to give enthusiasts the trip of a lifetime. When they needed help with online bookings, they turned to Booqable for assistance.


In early 2020, Simonetta and Daniel, an Italian / German couple, came up with the idea to bring Vespa and scooter enthusiasts to one of the most beautiful places in Italy. They dreamed of giving tourists an unforgettable 55-mile ride around Italy’s most breathtaking coastal villages on the back of iconic Vespa scooters synonymous with the country’s motoring history.

So, they began by planning the routes for guided tours of this idyllic region and creating itineraries to get the most out of a single day. This helped them to create several packages for their customers to choose from. In addition, they invested in several classic and modern Vespas and motorbikes, so customers have a few options for the trip, whether standalone or guided.

This unique experience has drawn many tourists to Vesparun and has been well-received by visitors from across the world. Simonetta and Daniel have seen tremendous success and expanded their offering over the past few years with more scooters and trips. The number of bookings they receive is rapidly growing and far exceeding what they imagined initially.

Bookings and payments

Although they saw great success, there were some challenges regarding booking management and payments. Once they reached a particular volume of bookings, staying on top of everything became complicated. So, they searched for rental software that would provide solutions for online bookings, as well as taking payments and security deposits in advance.

Simonetta found Booqable was the perfect software for booking management, advanced payments, and security deposits. They quickly added their products and set up tour bundles with specific pricing and security deposit settings. This allowed them to accept online payments and bookings via the Booqable-hosted store linked from their website.

Since implementing Booqable, they have doubled their bookings, as customers can quickly book online and pay in advance. Vesparun has received nothing but positive feedback from customers, with many of them giving a 5-star rating for the customer service and experience provided. It has made them very happy to be able to share this experience with others.

Growing as a family

Simonetta and Daniel are excited for the years ahead as they look to keep improving and growing with their family. They expect to double their volume in the upcoming months, allowing them to provide an unforgettable experience to even more visitors to the Cinque Terre region. This has been aided by the streamlined booking management experience Booqable provides.

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