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How Alpine Rentals Beat Its Competitors to Online Bookings

Author: Nathan Crossley March 13, 2023 · 3 Min read
How Alpine Rentals Beat Its Competitors to Online Bookings

Alpine Rentals




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Toronto, Canada

When you see that a way of working doesn’t provide the best customer experience, you might want to do something about it. Zaineel Prasla did precisely that when he set up his own party rental business. He saw that many other providers in the area required you to call and email, so he started using Booqable to accept online bookings to provide a better experience.

Alpine Rentals

In mid-2022, Zaineel Prasla noticed a trend in the party rental businesses around him. They were all stuck in the past. Potential customers had to call or email the companies for a quote or proposal for the equipment they wanted to rent for their event. This was often a long and time-intensive process, which didn’t provide an optimal booking experience.

So, Zaineel started his party rental business, Alpine Rentals, and looked at competitors’ offerings. Through his research, he decided he needed to provide rental services for party tents, tables, chairs, linen, and lighting. This enabled him to have a competitive offering and cater to events of all sizes with large and small options to provide for individual requirements.

In addition, Zaineel made it his mission to offer a better experience than his competitors from booking equipment to product quality and delivery. He wanted to ensure he provided the best customer service in his area. This has led to many bookings from repeat customers and referrals, including larger companies and organizations.

Standing out

A key component that has allowed Alpine Rentals to stand out from its competitors is online bookings. To achieve this goal, he decided to use Booqable, which provided everything he needed to get set up. He has easily integrated bookings into his WordPress website, allowing customers to select their dates and browse his inventory online.

Customers can then add the products they wish to rent and make a payment immediately at the checkout. This has allowed Zaineel to manage his business more efficiently without worrying about bookings, invoicing, payments, and inventory. He can do all this from within Booqable and easily see what needs to be delivered for any given period in the calendar.

By implementing Booqable within his business, Zaineel has increased bookings thanks to the fast process and efficiency. This has been reflected in customer feedback as they comment on how easy it is to navigate his website and find what they need. Additionally, the integration of Stripe payments has helped to create trust with new customers.

What’s next?

Zaineel has been able to find great success with Alpine Rentals by very quickly gaining a stellar reputation. He has already achieved one of his goals of becoming one of Canada’s leading event and party rental specialists. Now, he is eyeing expanding his inventory and the range of products he offers in his online store, while continuing to grow his customer base.

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