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Smitty’s Rental Services Reduces Call Time with 24/7 Online Booking Availability

Author: Nathan Crossley June 24, 2024 · 3 Min read
Smitty’s Rental Services Reduces Call Time with 24/7 Online Booking Availability

Smitty's Rental Services LLC




Party rentals


North Carolina, USA

Working abroad can be an exciting time for many people, but it can take its toll with being away from family and feeling homesick. When Milton Smith returned home from contract work overseas, he started a business that gave him more time with his family. He started renting out cars with Truro and renting out party equipment and decor items. In 2023, he chose Booqable to help him manage and streamline the latter.

Smitty’s Rental Services

Milton had been working overseas doing contract work for a while. When he returned home in 2021, he decided to start his own company and include his family in the daily running. He started his party equipment rental business with throne chairs, two 6ft banquet tables, and 24 plastic white chairs. In addition, he also started offering car rentals through the Truro platform, as well as notary services.

Since the humble beginnings of Smitty’s Rental Services, he has expanded the equipment he offers. Customers looking for items for their party can choose from bundles that include tables, chairs, marquee numbers/letters, and lawn games. This allows them to find the perfect setup for their party without being paralyzed by choice.

A memorable moment from last year for Milton was when a woman contacted him, clearly distressed. She had booked a tent, tables, and chairs for a backyard wedding reception with a different company, but they canceled at the last minute. Milton and his team quickly stepped in, providing exactly what she needed for the reception and saving the day. This quick response made both the client and the team very happy, as they were able to accommodate her needs in a timely manner.

Bookings and inventory control

In the early days of Smitty’s Rental Services, bookings were made over the phone or through a Google form on their website. This proved helpful initially, but as the number of inquiries and bookings grew, it became more difficult to manage effectively. In addition, the bookings were not tied to an inventory management system, so tracking availability became challenging. So, Milton searched for a system to kill two birds with one stone.

His search led him to Booqable, and he was impressed with its ability to quickly create a rental website with integrated inventory management and payments. In the beginning, he created a basic website with the Kylie theme, but since the release of the Romance theme, he has switched his website design. This has allowed him to create a beautiful website that his customers can easily browse and create bookings 24/7.

This means he no longer has to answer the same questions repeatedly on the phone. He can simply check who has requested a quote, make any necessary adjustments, send out a proposal, and accept payment. Milton also uses the mobile app to manage and create bookings when he is away from his computer and to check clients in and out for their bookings.

Bigger and better

In the next five years, Milton hopes his team will operate out of a warehouse with a much larger equipment inventory. This will allow them to cater to bigger events and a higher volume than they can currently. Additionally, they want to get more involved with their community by donating and volunteering time to give back.

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