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How Het Pareltje Verhuur Successfully Launched as a Side Hustle

Author: Nathan Crossley May 22, 2023 · 3 Min read
How Het Pareltje Verhuur Successfully Launched as a Side Hustle

Het Pareltje Verhuur




Party Rentals


Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Party rentals are one of the easiest businesses to get into if you want to make extra income. Nick Parel came across the idea when he and his good friend wanted to start a side hustle. Renting out tents, tables, and chairs proved low risk and high reward enough for them. They found Booqable when they were looking for easy-to-integrate bookings with WordPress.

Het Pareltje Verhuur

At the end of 2022, Nick and his friend sought a way to earn some extra income. Like many, living costs were becoming challenging, and they wanted to start their own side hustles. Party rentals presented the perfect opportunity as it requires little investment to create, and they can quickly grow as you start seeing a return on the original assets.

So, Het Pareltje Verhuur was founded in Den Bosch that winter, and they began renting out tents, tables, and chairs. The business quickly gained traction, allowing them to steadily expand into offering everything you need to host a party. This includes bouncy castles, heaters, buffet tables, refrigerators, signs, speakers, decorations, and lighting.

Het Partelje Verhuur serves customers within their local area from a warehouse where they store all the equipment. Customers can choose to head there to pick it up themselves or have it delivered to their doorstep. This allowed them to grow recognition within Den Bosch, and in just a few short months, they have already seen a significant increase in bookings.

Integrating bookings with WordPress

Of course, as soon as they started, Nick knew they would need a website to launch successfully. He settled on WordPress, which provided the flexibility he needed to create a party rental website that fit his brand vision. However, he found that the platform’s lack of ability to accept bookings easily would be a stumbling block, preventing them from accepting online bookings.

So, Nick searched through the available plugins on WordPress and the wider internet. He came across Booqable and found it easy to integrate with WordPress and affordable for new businesses. He was quickly able to load up his products and set up payments. Then, he installed the WordPress plugin and added the embeddable booking components to his website.

The flexible and customizable nature of Booqable’s components allowed Nick to align them to fit the branding of Het Pareltje Verhuur. This can be evidenced by how easy it is to book on his website and by positive customer feedback. The fast setup allowed him to start accepting online bookings immediately, a significant selling point for today’s customers.

Growing the brand

During their first few months, Het Pareltje Verhuur has seen great success, allowing them to grow their inventory quickly. Now that they have established themselves, Nick is focussed on growing awareness. This will be the biggest step in establishing themselves as a go-to party rental business in Den Bosch and maybe even the surrounding cities.

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