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Chipper LLC Saves Time and Simplifies the Booking Process with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley February 12, 2024 · 3 Min read
Chipper LLC Saves Time and Simplifies the Booking Process with Booqable

Chipper LLC




Landscape equipment rentals


Cummings, Georgia

In many industries, rentals perfectly complement the sales side of a business. This was true for Chipper LLC, a trailer rental company that has found the perfect balance between the two. They have created a pipeline to onboard new businesses with rental equipment before transitioning to selling them equipment. After more than a decade, they went from managing rentals on paper to using Booqable to fulfill their rental requirements.

Chipper LLC

Chipper LLC’s owner started in 2008 towing a chip trailer behind his truck before starting a complete tree service company. As he needed equipment, he would purchase what he needed to run the business and rent it out while he wasn’t using it. The opportunity arose to expand the business when manufacturers needed dealers in Cumming, Georgia.

He transformed Chipper LLC into a fully-fledged trailer and equipment dealer and rental company. They rent out small landscape and construction equipment. They carry skid steers, wheel loaders, mini skid steers, mini excavators, boom lifts, chippers, trailers, and a range of other small equipment and attachments for the machines.

They rent and sell equipment to some local tree and landscaping companies, as well as DIY homeowners. Chipper LLC works with many startup businesses to rent equipment to help them get set up and then help purchase equipment as they grow. This has proven successful, and they can maintain almost a 100% rental rate on their machines.

Rental process

For the first decade, Chipper LLC’s rental operation was manual and mostly done on paper. This was a very time-consuming process that required walking around the entire lot to check their inventory availability. In addition, there was no backup in case paperwork was misplaced. So, in 2021, they decided to look for a solution in the form of rental software.

After trying many options, Booqable provided the perfect feature set for their needs. They can keep their customer information organized and automatically populate their details onto their contracts. This saves them significant manual work copying information back and forth. In addition, they no longer need to walk around to check on availability.

The team has access to their entire inventory in just a few clicks, which enables them to process bookings much faster. This is boosted by the mobile app, allowing them to give customers quotes while out in the yard. Finally, they can have a paper and electronic copy of all rental paperwork to reference when needed.

A much larger facility

Over the past couple of years, Booqable has helped the team at Chipper LLC to simplify the rental process. Customers have commented on how much more organized it has become. As the business grows, they are planning to move to a much larger facility where they will be able to invest in their rental fleet and further refine the rental experience for their customers.

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