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Bondi PA Hire Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley July 5, 2024 · 3 Min read
Bondi PA Hire Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency with Booqable

Bondi PA Hire




Audio visual rentals


Sydney, Australia

When a business agreement turns sour, it can be easy to admit defeat. However, when Joseph Smith experienced this, he didn’t go lightly. He turned it into an opportunity to start his own audiovisual rental business in Sydney, Australia. After using an archaic software for the first three years of his business, he switched to Booqable, which has massively increased efficiency while reducing costs.

Bondi PA Hire

In his 20s, Joseph spent much time in the audiovisual sector working with corporations. When he moved on from that world, he decided to become a DJ and succeeded. As a DJ, he paid for a large amount of lighting, sound, and DJ equipment installed at the venue where he worked. They had an agreement that they would pay it off with a lease agreement. However, halfway through the agreement, they canceled it, and Joseph was left with a lot of gear.

With his background in AV, he decided this would be a great opportunity to start his own AV rental business. As the company has grown, so has the offering. There are now three sides to the business:

  1. Dry rental: Clients hosting small parties can book online for pickup at a certain time and day. They then return the equipment themselves at the end of the rental period.
  2. Consultation: Clients looking for professional management, installation, and running of equipment for a special event can work directly with Joseph.
  3. Permanent installation: Churches, bars, pubs, schools, and theatres that need permanent installation of AV equipment can do so through Bondi PA Hire.

Joseph’s original audiovisual training was in a corporate environment, where he was taught to have an eye for detail. This has allowed him to provide an amazing experience for clients who want more and those who want to rent equipment. Over the last year, he has seen significant business growth, allowing him to hire three full-time staff. They work alongside a dozen subcontractors who help deliver incredible experiences for clients.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Joseph used an archaic system to accept client inquiries for the first few years of operation. This meant he had to spend a lot of time going back and forth with clients, creating a barrier between website visits and bookings. So, he decided to try a few online booking systems before settling on the best option for his business. He chose Booqable as other systems were too clunky, slow, or intricate for his needs.

Booqable has allowed Joseph to start accepting bookings directly through his website. He has achieved this by integrating it with his existing Shopify website. Clients can now book equipment through his website and receive an order confirmation instantly, cutting down previously existing barriers. This has been a game-changer, and he immediately saw an increase in bookings that has continued to grow.

Of course, for more complex orders that require consultation, clients can still call Joseph. When they do, he uses his website to put together an order while on the phone and sends them an SMS or email to complete the booking process. In addition, he and his team also use the Booqable mobile app to put together orders, as it works as a checklist or packing slip while in his warehouse.

Goals for the future

Joseph has loved every second of running his AV rental business but has always had an exit plan. Booqable has helped him grow and effectively cover clients with a small team. He has made it not only easy for him to run the business but also for anyone in the future. He hopes that his next venture is just as exciting and challenging as starting and growing Bondi PA Hire has been.

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