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VSHC: How this British suit hire company reached operational excellence with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley June 21, 2018 · 2 Min read
VSHC: How this British suit hire company reached operational excellence with Booqable

The Vintage Suit Hire Co.




Suit Hire


Bedford, United Kingdom

Key features used

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Tracking

  • Reports

The Vintage Suit Hire Co. is an award-winning suit hire company that offers a wide range of vintage-style tweed suits. They believe grooms should be able to achieve the unique style they want, at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s their mission to help men look and feel their best on their wedding day.


VSHC dealt with a complex set of spreadsheets and calendars to understand their inventory, and to see where each garment would be needed in the coming months. As a result, they ended up with multiple versions of a single file which could contain conflicting information. They needed a reliable system to develop as a business and stay on track as they moved forward.

Two guys in classy suits drinking a beer in a rustic setting


Booqable allows VSHC to reserve garments for the weeks surrounding customers’ wedding dates. The software ensures that the same garments will not be rented out during the week before or after the wedding, giving the team time to clean the suits and get them ready for the next booking.

We book in our hire bookings at one site, then check in and out our garments at our second location — this is something we wouldn’t have been able to do previously, without using Booqable.

Thanks to the ability to schedule and reserve items, VSHC made their rental process quick and straightforward. Each team member can access each order and view the availability of stock with color-coded statuses. Now The Vintage Suit Hire Co. uses Booqable to manage all of their reservations.


The scheduling functionality and inventory database have helped VSHC to generate a 50% higher efficiency rate and increased the reliability of data to 98%. Their goal of delighting grooms with a tailored suit is now easier to achieve than ever. As a result, VSHC has grown to span across two sites with an additional concession store.

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