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Pop-Up eScooter Rentals with The Boutique and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley September 6, 2021 · 3 Min read
Pop-Up eScooter Rentals with The Boutique and Booqable

The Boutique




eScooter Rentals


Saskatoon, Canada


Key features used

  • Online Store

  • In-Store Bookings

  • Inventory Management

The Boutique specializes in pop-up retail, and its stores are constantly evolving with new concepts. This summer, they decided to bring something entirely new to their hometown of Saskatoon, Canada. For the first time, they decided to have a pop-up eScooter rental store that friends and families across the city could enjoy, and they chose Booqable to power it.

Pop-up retail stores are nothing new, but pop-up rental stores are something that’s not really been seen until recently. Meanwhile, eScooter rentals are widespread across Europe, but they’re making their way to North America. So, combining the two while lockdown rules were lifting in Canada seems to be the perfect stroke of genius from the people at The Boutique.

The Boutique

Saskatoon-based The Boutique was founded in 2017 as a pop-up retail experience. Their mission is to have an ever-evolving store with constantly changing concepts to bring new products and experiences to the city. In the past, it has sold candy, shoes, clothing, and accessories, but this summer, they decided to do something different.

Rather than simply setting up another retail store, the owners decided to bring a new experience to Saskatoon. They noticed the growing popularity of eScooters in parts of Europe and soon chose it to be the next theme of their store this summer. Their goal was to allow friends, families, couples, and partners in the city to experience something totally new.

eScooter by The Boutique

Pop-up rental store

When it came to setting up this new pop-up rental store, there were some teething problems. The company struggled to keep track of its inventory and often had clashes with their online and walk-in bookings. They quickly learned that they would need a system to take care of it all in one place.

Having found Booqable, they were quickly able to add it to their website with a ready-made store linked from the menu. From there, it made it really easy for customers to book online and staff to enter walk-in bookings while knowing the stock was available. This made keeping track of inventory and making sure that everything was running smoothly incredibly easy.

People say it’s very fast and easy to understand. They like coming in and not having to pay since they did ahead of time.

Summer of eScooters

The Boutique is the only company in the city that rents out high-end eScooters to the people of Saskatoon. They believe it gives residents and tourists a new way to experience the city. Almost from the beginning, they made a significant impact thanks to Booqable’s online store and inventory tracking.

Booqable was a game changer in the sense that it was an easy implementation and really made it easy for our customers to book online and for our staff to keep track of inventory and making sure everything is running smoothly.

They even made headlines in local newspapers for their genius idea, and it’s fair to say it has been an incredible success. The summer isn’t over yet, so we’re sure they’ll continue to see excellent results. It’s clear that the people of Saskatoon are excited to see what concept they choose next and who knows, eScooters may make a return in the future given their popularity.

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