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How Technik Mieten Found the Perfect WordPress Rental Plugin

Author: Nathan Crossley November 29, 2021 · 3 Min read
How Technik Mieten Found the Perfect WordPress Rental Plugin

Technik Mieten




Party Rentals


Kallern, Switzerland

Key features used

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Inventory Management

  • Invoices

Starting your own party rental business is never an easy task, but with the right software and management, it can be more accessible. When Marcel Hohl started Technik Mieten four years ago, he struggled to find booking software. But, once he saw Booqable, he knew he had the right tools to start his company on the right foot.

Party rentals is an umbrella term that can mean anything from inflatables and table dressing to lights and audio equipment. It all depends on your target market and what is missing in your area. Marcel found this niche in his hometown and proceeded to establish a successful business to support it.

Technik Mieten

Marcel founded Technik Mieten in Kallern, Switzerland, in 2017 when he noticed a need for party equipment in the area. He supplies the community with speakers, lighting, microphones, and catering equipment. These are useful for community events, birthday parties, and even weddings, which all happen year-round.

The population in Kallern is relatively small, so often, locals have to rely on outside help for this kind of equipment. However, Marcel noticed a need for it and wanted to help the local community access it without renting from hundreds of miles away or paying hefty delivery fees.

His aim with Technik Mieten was to provide easy access to this equipment at an affordable price. In addition, he wanted customers to book online and pick up and return items at any time. Most importantly, the process had to be intuitive both from a customer-facing side and as a person managing the business.

From the ground up

Of course, Marcel knew that he would need some software to be able to achieve his goals. So he started with trying out the various rental plugins available on the WordPress directory. However, he found it challenging to manage bookings and prevent shortages as they did not have the right features like availability, inventory management and payments.

Finally, it came time for him to try Booqable as the others weren’t giving him the functionality he needed. So, he has divided his website by product type and embedded Booqable components for each product into these pages. This makes it easy for customers to browse his selection and make the best choice for their needs.

It has also helped with managing the business as the owner. For example, he has prevented double bookings and shortages, thanks to real-time inventory tracking in Booqable. This is something that he felt the other rental plugins he had tried were missing. In addition, he can quickly generate packing lists and invoices.

The path to success

Since day one, Marcel has been using Booqable to manage his party rental business and has found the software to be seamless. Customers can browse his store at any time of day, know what is available and make a booking. He can then pack everything and make sure it’s ready to pick up when they have booked.

Customers have left excellent reviews and given great feedback on the booking process and the level of service they can provide. Technik Mieten has undoubtedly proven to be a hit in Kallern and shows that anything is possible with the dedication, passion, and software to support it.

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