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Sweet Home Inflatables Levels Up with the Booqable Website Builder

Author: Nathan Crossley March 9, 2023 · 3 Min read
Sweet Home Inflatables Levels Up with the Booqable Website Builder

Sweet Home Inflatables




Inflatable Rentals


Alabama, USA

Key features used

  • Inventory Management

  • Website Builder

  • Rental Contracts

The time you spend with your family is precious, and you develop traditions over the years. For Flavia Mariscal, her family movie night brings endless joy, which she wanted to share with her friends and their families. So, she decided to start a rental business with inflatable projector screens and other activities to enjoy and uses Booqable to accept online bookings.

Sweet Home Inflatables

For many years, Flavia and her family enjoyed spending their weekend evening watching movies together in their garden. It became a tradition, and she wanted to share the experience with her friends, family, and beyond. However, the equipment required was quite expensive, so he came up with the idea of starting her own rental business to make it more affordable.

In November 2022, she began to plan her rental business and invested in equipment, including inflatable screens, 4K projectors, sound systems, yard games, and video games, to create the perfect family evening. Soon, she began taking bookings through phone and email with a basic website. This proved to be enough to determine the viability of her budding business.

However, she began to face some challenges as she didn’t have a great way to manage her rentals. Her website provider also made it difficult to optimize for SEO and support rentals properly. So, she decided to look for a solution that could assist her with solving all of these problems in an easy-to-use package.

Finding a solution

When Flavia was searching for software to solve her issues, she came across Booqable shortly after the website builder had launched. She immediately began to see the possibilities of quickly creating a rental website linked to her inventory and allowing her to manage bookings and payments in one place. It was precisely what she had been looking for.

She has been able to create a rental website where she can showcase her products, making them easy to browse. Each product is linked to her inventory and displays real-time availability when customers select their rental period. This allows them to easily see what’s available and make plans around those dates to plan their perfect family movie night.

In addition, she can accept payment with all of the major payment methods thanks to Stripe integration. This has made it much easier for her to get paid and reduces the hassle of chasing payments. Being able to send rental contracts has also made it easier for Flavia to communicate with customers while being able to schedule bookings makes admin a breeze.

Already growing

Over the last few months, Flavia has found great success with online bookings thanks to Booqable. It has given her the confidence to expand the range of products she offers, and she has started offering a range of bounce houses. This is just the first step, and she is hopeful she can provide more and more activities families can do together at affordable prices.

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