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Creating a Better Work-Life Balance with Stefanie Cole and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley July 9, 2021 · 3 Min read
Creating a Better Work-Life Balance with Stefanie Cole and Booqable

Stefanie Cole Photography




Clothing Rentals


Connecticut, United States

Key features used

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  • Squarespace Integration

  • Inventory Management

Stefanie Cole isn’t your ordinary family photographer; she does as much as possible to make the process as easy as possible. This includes hosting a massive wardrobe of clothing so her clients can look their best for their memorable photos. Unfortunately, what started as a small collection quickly grew to something uncontrollable. She had to find a way to manage her inventory without spending time accounting for everything herself; that’s when she found Booqable.

Photographers are among the busiest creatives globally, and they often have to travel far and wide to capture photos of their clients. This alone can be a lot for anyone, but add in additional services like providing an entire closet for clients to dress in, and it becomes a lot more complicated. So, how do you manage your ever-growing supply of clothing for your clients? We’re going to tell you how Stefanie Cole manages it with Booqable.

Stefanie Cole’s Client Closet

Stefanie Cole bought her first camera seven years ago when she was just a few weeks away from giving birth to her first son. She wanted to be able to capture those special moments of his life and create high-quality memories.

However, one year later, she was hooked and became passionate about photography. She started to charge her friends for family photos so she could afford better equipment. All the while, she was still teaching full-time.

Another year later, her photography business was booming, and she began to see the path to making her passion her full-time job. She spent the next four years building her business while slowly reducing her teaching responsibilities before it was finally time to quit teaching altogether.

Her photography business is so popular because she goes the extra mile for her clients by providing complimentary styling and access to her Client Closet. This treasure trove of fantastic clothing allows families to coordinate their outfits and capture the perfect pictures.


Managing a thousand clothing items

She provides a much more full-service experience than you get from most photographers, and her mission is to take the burden off moms who want to get beautiful family pictures. She guides them through the styling and gives them access to her Client Closet to pick out the perfect outfits.

This service used to be used by a small number of her clients, but as her closet grew and practically all clients choosing to use it, it became more and more stressful to manage. So, being busier than ever and keeping track of an ever-growing inventory, Stefanie needed an inventory track system. Not just any thought, it needed to be clean and modern to suit her brand.

Eventually, she came across Booqable, and it met her needs perfectly. She now doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of her closet as Booqable handles it all for her. As a result, she now has the energy to devote her time to what matters to her clients. It also avoids human error and has allowed her to grow her inventory more than ever because she doesn’t fear tracking it all herself.

A game-changing system

This last year has been record-breaking for Stefanie’s business, and despite getting record bookings, she feels more organized than ever. She said, “I finally feel like I’m approaching a manageable work-life balance. I’m still working incredibly hard, but my energy is finally being used in places that benefit my clients!”

Her clients have expressed how much they love the Booqable system and how easy it is to use. Meanwhile, the cut back on unnecessary back and forth has made a difference in her client’s experience. They can now look through her catalog online and book outfits whenever they please. She has had clients call it “amazing,” a “game-changer,” and “genius.”

Stefanie has taken her business to the next level, thanks to Booqable’s online booking and inventory management systems. It has made a big difference to both her own life and her client’s experience. Some of the moms she works with have even commented on how quick and uncomplicated booking is and that it feels like “shopping for free” thanks to the professional design of the integrated listings.

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