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The Booqable Mobile App Helps Indigo Scooters Partner with Local Hotels

Author: Nathan Crossley July 17, 2023 · 3 Min read
The Booqable Mobile App Helps Indigo Scooters Partner with Local Hotels

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St. Petersburg, Florida

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Moving to a different area, whether a new city or country, can dramatically change your perspective. When Frances Pisano moved to St. Petersburg and lived closer to the beach, he wanted to explore without the inconvenience of a car. After some research, he started his electric scooter rental business and chose Booqable to manage bookings and inventory.

Indigo Scooters

In 2020, Frances moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, which was much closer to the beach than where he previously lived. Being fed up relying on cars to get anywhere, he wanted to explore the area without one. His search led him to electric scooters. They are fast, convenient, and friendly to the environment, perfectly meeting his transportation needs.

During a trip to California, he noticed many people riding electric scooters with wide tires, and they captured his head and his heart. So, when he returned to Florida, he started to look for scooters in this style. This led him to KAASpeed, and it just so happened that they were looking for a dealer in the region, and as they say, the rest is history.

Frances set up Indigo Scooters so he could sell and rent out KAASpeed scooters in St. Petersburg. Not only did he set up his store, but he also partnered with a local hotel to rent electric scooters to their customers. This has been a huge boost to business, alongside attending a massive event at the Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, where he did well over 100 demos.

Online and in-person

When launching Indigo Scooters, Frances knew that online bookings would be essential to the business. In addition, great in-person customer service and booking access were also important, especially when working with hotels. So, he began searching for a solution that would easily allow him to accept bookings on his website and an excellent backend and app.

He discovered that Booqable met his needs, allowing him to easily add online bookings to his WordPress/WooCommerce website via the Booqable plugin and no-code integration. This meant he was able to offer scooter rentals alongside selling scooters. The backend handles these bookings, where he can manage them alongside inventory and payments.

Additionally, he can access bookings with the Booqable mobile app to check scooters in and out quickly. This has proven especially useful for the hotel concierge as Frances has given them access to booking information without requiring a computer. This has made it easy and convenient for hotel personnel to hand out scooters quickly, while user permissions mean that Frances can control their access.

Launch and growth plans

Frances successfully launched Indigo Scooters in the spring and is happy with how the business performs. As mentioned, he has partnered with a local hotel and plans to partner with more in the future. He hopes to expand Indigo Scooters into more states, beyond Florida, in the coming years. It is very exciting time for the business and we wish them to best of luck.

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