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Launching Pet-Friendly Rentals with Hertfordshire Motorhome Rentals and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley September 18, 2023 · 3 Min read
Launching Pet-Friendly Rentals with Hertfordshire Motorhome Rentals and Booqable

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Everyone loves going on vacation, but when Richard Hindle and his family wanted to take their dog, Coco, they found it difficult to book a motorhome. Most places that offer them don’t allow pets to be taken on board. So, they decided to start their own rental business for pet-friendly motorhomes and chose Booqable to accept and manage online bookings.

Hertfordshire Motorhome Rentals

A few years ago, Richard and his family were planning their next vacation. They wanted the freedom to travel while being able to take the luxuries of home with them. A motorhome would provide the perfect balance, but there was one issue: they couldn’t find a provider that allowed them to take their dog, Coco, with them. They realized they weren’t alone in facing this issue and started planning a solution.

Soon, they began to plan a rental business that provided simple bookings for luxury and pet-friendly motorhomes. Being based in Stevenage, they are ideally located in the country’s center. This allows people easy access to the beautiful coastal scenery of Cornwall or even travel to Scotland to complete the stunning NC 500.

Over the past six months, they have built up their business and are optimistic about the future. They have completed their first summer and had many customers enjoy their service, which stands out because of their pet-friendliness. In the next few years, they want to expand their fleet and become one of the UK’s most well-known motorhome rental services.

Turning a dream into reality

Richard and his family started without experience running a rental business, so they turned to the internet for help. They knew they would need to be able to manage inventory, accept online bookings, communicate with customers, and take payments. In their research for a tool to help them, they came across Booqable and quickly realized it was ideal for their needs.

They found that with the help center to assist them, they could quickly get set up with everything they needed to launch their rental business successfully. Once they had added their inventory, they could connect to a payment provider and integrate bookings into their WordPress website. They achieved this with the assistance of Tim’s Digital, who created their dream rental website.

Booqable enabled them to start their rental business quickly, and its ease of use has made running it foolproof. Due to the minimal time they have to spend on admin, they can keep their staff count to a minimum, which has helped keep costs down. They are delighted with their choice, which has helped them realize their dream.

Pet-friendly future

What started as an inconvenience when planning a family vacation rapidly turned into one of the greatest things that has happened to them. Richard and his family have been able to launch a successful pet-friendly motorhome rental business from the ground up with the assistance of Booqable. They are set to continue their growth and expand their reach in the coming years.

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