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Using Bundles to Give Customers a Better Experience with Hawaii Camera Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley September 17, 2021 · 3 Min read
Using Bundles to Give Customers a Better Experience with Hawaii Camera Rentals

Hawaii Camera Rentals




Camera Rentals


Maui, Hawaii

Key features used

  • Online Store

  • Inventory Management

  • Product Bundles

Hawaii Camera Rentals started with just a few GoPros, Cameras, and accessories. However, it became impractical for them to take bookings via phone and email because of the time they had to spend processing them, so they turned to Booqable for their online store. This enabled them to easily add products to their website and accept bookings online, which skyrocketed their business and saw bookings double in just a few months.

Camera rentals are among the most popular in the industry, with everyone from students to professional filmmakers and photographers needing to rent them. But, of course, being based in a tropical location, Hawaii Camera Rentals mainly focuses on serving tourists and helps them to create memories during their vacation.

Hawaii Camera Rentals

Hawaii Camera Rentals is based on the island of Maui and started with very few cameras and accessories. Customers would usually rent out GoPros and pocket cameras while on vacation to the island to capture the special moments they created on their trip. However, with changing demands, they quickly had to upgrade and expand their inventory.

As the years have gone by, the importance of capturing excellent photographs of vacations to post on social media has increased. As a result, Hawaii Camera Rentals soon expanded its inventory to include drones, more GoPros, camera bodies, lenses, batteries, and tripods to accommodate this demand for better ways to capture memories.

Teething problems

In the early days of their business, Hawaii Camera Rentals would mainly accept walk-in bookings. However, this changed when they started accepting bookings via phone and email. This worked well when the inventory and demand were both low, but they soon ran into problems.

Increased demand meant accepting calls and answering emails throughout the day, which made serving walk-in customers difficult. It also meant that often what customers booked didn’t meet their needs, and items had to be added on, which added to the headache that the booking process had become.


Finally, Hawaii Camera Rentals decided that they needed an online store to accept bookings and automate some of their tasks. After searching for a while, they settled on Booqable, their choice of software. It made it easy for them to add items to their website and for customers to make bookings online. This freed up admin time and enabling them to serve customers better.

Booqable has made it easy to add products to my website, book items online, and create bundles to give people quick estimates for everything they need for their next snorkel adventure.

In particular, they are fans of the Bundles feature within Booqable that allows them to create bundles of items commonly rented together. This allowed them to provide customers with a quick estimate for everything they needed to capture the perfect photos of their vacation. It also made managing stock much easier to handle.

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