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Haus of Bliss Showcases Their Unique Collection with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley February 27, 2023 · 3 Min read
Haus of Bliss Showcases Their Unique Collection with Booqable

Haus of Bliss




Event rentals


Alberta, Canada

Key features used

  • Availability Calendar

  • Inventory Management

  • Website Builder

When you’re passionate about something, putting it aside can be challenging. After realizing how much she missed working in the event industry, Bianca Mpofu restarted her event rental business. In the process, she began to face some obstacles with online bookings and inventory management, and she solved these issues by implementing Booqable.

Haus of Bliss

In 2010, Bianca started an event design and rental business but was forced to put it on hold for a few years. However, in 2020, she realized how much she missed working in the event industry. She always had a passion for transforming spaces and providing the means for people to achieve this. So, she decided to restart her business.

Haus of Bliss offers event ideation creation, event design, curated furniture decor, and event rentals. Bianca works with clients in conferencing, networking, and festivals for ideation, while her event design and rental services focus on weddings and parties. As a result, she can help a wide range of clients to build memorable events.

Bianca believes that events should tell a story, reflected in the range of products she offers for rental. She has worked hard to find and restore unique furniture for her clients to rent out. From upholstered seating to area rugs and decor accessories, every item in her rental catalog tells a story and can be customized to meet their requirements.

Facing challenges

Of course, not everything was bliss from the beginning. One of the challenges Bianca faced was finding an organized way to showcase her products online. She wanted clients to be able to browse and curate the perfect items for their event. However, many off the shelf solution proved to be inadequate for her requirements.

She also found it challenging to keep up with scheduling client’s bookings. This is a common experience, significantly when you’re growing your business. Without automation, it became difficult to avoid double bookings as more and more clients were making requests. It become stressful and time-consuming to manage these on her own.

The challenges faced in scheduling also had the symptom of making inventory management more difficult. Bianca struggled with not having a system that linked her booking to her inventory. This again manifested itself in double bookings and shortages. Finally, it was time for her to find a solution, so she searched for software that met her needs.

Clean and straightforward solution

Bianca’s search led her to find Booqable, and she was delighted that it met her needs. The website builder enabled her to create a sub-site to showcase her rental products. This allows her main site to focus on services while clients can browse, curate, book, and pay for their rentals on a dedicated portal that streamlines the experience.

In addition to helping her achieve the goals for her website, Booqable has also improved Bianca’s scheduling. When a client makes a booking on her website, products are automatically reserved and added to her calendar. She can also see this availability when creating manual bookings meaning that double booking items is a thing of the past.

Bianca has also been able to get a handle on her inventory management. She now has quick access to an overview of her items, which are available and which are booked out. This makes it easier to plan for upcoming events and purchase decisions. She now has more insight into what clients rent out and booking trends.

The sky is the limit

Booqable has enabled Bianca to overcome the challenges she had been facing and made her inventory more accessible to clients. She has seen an increase in bookings thanks to clients being able to browse and check the availability of her rental items. In addition, she has seen significant time-savings for herself and her team on administration.

Regarding future plans, Bianca says, “the sky is the limit,” and she looks forward to finding a bigger storage space. This will enable her to store even more inventory and expand the items she can offer her clients. Her passion for events continues to grow, and she will now be able to grow Haus of Bliss alongside it to tell more clients’ stories.

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