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The Road to Bringing Dalhousie Adventure Online

Author: Nathan Crossley March 8, 2022 · 3 Min read
The Road to Bringing Dalhousie Adventure Online

Dalhousie Adventure




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Dalhousie, India

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Being the first to do something comes with its fair share of challenges, and Dalhousie Adventure discovered this for themselves. They were the first in their state to acquire a license to rent out motorbikes legally. This unique opportunity led them to become pioneers in outdoor activities, and they recently boosted this status by integrating Booqable into their business.

The Himalayas is often considered a remote and desolate location, but many communities in the North of India thrive. Dalhousie is such a community and has developed into a resort for tourists to enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and skiing. Off-road trips are the latest activity to join this roster and have expanded the town’s reach.

Dalhousie Adventure

Dalhousie Adventure Tour & Travels was founded in 2012 in the scenic mountain town of Dalhousie, located in the Himalayas. It started as an outdoor adventure company offering trekking, camping, and skiing. Over the past decade, they have become pioneers in outdoor adventure activities and played a crucial role in rural tourism development.

They pivoted towards off-road once they received a license to legally rent out motorbikes - the first time in Himachal Pradesh, India. Being the first to receive such a license presented Dalhousie Adventure with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. It has allowed them to offer motorbike rentals and full guided tours as well.

Combining their role in rural tourism and off-road adventures, they collaborated with the FMSCI to organize the maiden Rally of Chamba. This series of motorsport events spans two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles competing in a grueling championship on Himalayan mountain passes—a massive achievement for a rental business from such a small town.

A long road

For much of the business’s early years, Dalhousie Adventure had no real way to efficiently manage inventory and accept bookings. They relied on outdated systems or pen and paper to track what was where. In addition, much of their reservations were taken over the phone or via email. As we know, these are time-consuming tasks and not an optimal workflow.

Eventually, with its growing presence and regional recognition, it knew it had to expand its online presence. With this, it would need software to manage all aspects of the rental business. In particular, it needed to combine inventory management and to accept bookings online, which were areas where Dalhousie Adventure faced the most significant challenges.

Reaching the summit

While searching, they found Booqable to be the most attractive offering as it met all of their needs within one affordable package. Now, they can keep track of their fleet of 25 motorbikes with ease. Booqable has allowed them to create an inventory of all their assets and assign them unique identifiers to track each product individually.

Meanwhile, Dalhousie Adventure has accepted booking through their website for the first time. This has led to an increase In bookings of around 20% while decreasing the admin time associated with managing reservations. They are thrilled to grow their online presence and make it easier for customers to book motorbikes and tours.

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