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Starting a bike rental business with Bike Limburg and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley June 16, 2021 · 2 Min read
Starting a bike rental business with Bike Limburg and Booqable

Bike Limburg




Bike Rentals


Limburg, The Netherlands

Key features used

  • Online Store

  • Inventory Management

  • Pricing Structures

At Booqable, we work with customers at many different stages of developing their rental business. Some have been in the industry for years and need a better online booking system, while others are just starting their journey. Bert from Bike Limburg belongs to the latter category, and he chose Booqable as the software for his bike rental store in, you guessed it, Limburg!

Limburg is known for its fantastic landscape that takes cyclists up excellent inclines as they explore the region’s hills. It has become popular with tourists from other areas of the Netherlands holidaying at home and those who have traveled to experience the area’s beauty.

Bike Limburg is located in the perfect place for visitors interested in renting a bike during their trip with the train station and parking just meters away. Customers can choose between what Bert likes to call ‘sport’ and ‘relax’ e-bikes, depending on what kind of trip they will be taking. He has over 70 Gazelle Ultimate Red and HMB7+ available to rent out this summer.


Starting Bike Limburg

Bike Limburg was founded by Bert de Groot earlier this year near a family-owned brewery, Alfa Bier — known for their award-winning lager. Together with the brewery, a part of the future extension was decided to be transferred to Bike Limburg.

Over the past few months, Bert has been hard at work making all the safety preparations for storing e-bikes and ordering brand-new stock from Gazelle. There was no other option; it had to be Gazelle because they’re a trusted brand that many cyclists love and are among the most reliable bicycles out there.

Alongside renting e-bikes, Bert has set up partnerships with several well-known brands and sights in the area to provide tours for those who are visiting Limburg. The first one available was the Alfa Bier brewery tour which has already been quite successful in the three weeks since Bike Limburg open its doors.

Finding the best bike rental software

From the beginning of Bert’s search for rental software, he knew he wanted to work with a company with a lot of potential for future growth. He liked that Booqable has a strong global presence, plus the fact that the software develops quickly to adapt to the needs of rental businesses worldwide.

Then came the features. Bert wanted a system that was intuitive to use in the back-office while being professional-looking for customers who were booking on his website. Of course, he did his due diligence to make sure Booqable was the most suitable fit for his business. We worked with Bert to ensure Booqable met all of his needs through a personal demo to get his store set up exactly how he wanted quickly.

This decision seems to be paying off as many customers who shop around for bike rentals in Limburg have remarked that they chose Bike Limburg because it was the most professional-looking and trustworthy. Thanks to Booqable, Bert has an easy and intuitive system for both himself when managing his inventory and for his customers who are booking their bikes.

Looking to the future

Bert uses Booqable to manage all bookings made on his website and to keep track of his e-bikes. He can easily accept many different payment methods thanks to the Stripe and PayPal integrations. In addition, the seamless integration of Booqable into his website means that he has everything he needs to grow his bike rental store.

His business is set to expand massively in the coming months as we begin to come out of lockdown, so there will be some exciting months ahead for Bert and Bike Limburg. We look forward to continuing to work with him to help his business grow and help more people adventure across the incredible landscape the company calls home.

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