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iOS app 2.0: Now with a powerful dashboard and a new look!

Author: Nathan Crossley October 10, 2022 · 4 Min read
iOS app 2.0: Now with a powerful dashboard and a new look!

Today the Booqable app gets a new look on iOS devices with updated payment features, a new dashboard with quick actions, and improved navigation to make managing your rental business from your iPhone or iPad more effortless than ever.

You can get the latest version of the Booqable by visiting the App Store.

Since releasing the initial version of the iOS app in January 2022, we have introduced convenient features like tag management and single sign-on (SSO), among other minor updates. The latest version of the iOS app released today marks the most significant improvement since its launch. We returned to the drawing board to find ways to improve the in-app workflow.

Previously, the iOS app felt much like a simplified version desktop experience, but we wanted to give it some unique features to make it the go-to way to manage your rental business. So, we redesigned the app to give you more ways to stay organized from your iOS device. Here’s an overview of the updates and new features we’ve introduced.

New dashboard


The new dashboard in the iOS app is designed to give you and your team a clear overview of what needs to be done next. This is achieved through quick actions, more advanced filtering, a pop-up barcode scanner, and access to late orders that can be processed or canceled.

Quick actions

Each order in the new dashboard features quick actions, so you and your team know exactly what needs to be accomplished. For orders that need to be picked up, you will see a payment action and a pickup button, and for orders that are coming back, you will see a payment action and a return button. Meanwhile, for late orders, you will see the option to process the order if it has simply been forgotten or cancel the order if it wasn’t completed.


New filtering options allow you to organize your orders by today, tomorrow, upcoming and late. This allows you to get a quick overview of what’s coming up for those time periods and what actions need to be taken by you and your team that day.

Barcode scanner

With the barcode scanner pop-up, you can quickly scan a product to see what upcoming orders it appears on, so you know when it needs to be ready and if it is available for new orders. In addition, you can scan customers and orders to get quick access to order information.

Late orders

The new late orders filter lets you see which orders haven’t been processed correctly. This can be for several reasons, including that the order wasn’t updated by your team or the order was never completed. You will have the option to process the order instantly or cancel it with the quick action buttons.

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Access everything with new tabs


We re-examined the core features you need access to in the iOS app to make it more convenient to use. This made it clear to us that certain features shouldn’t be hidden behind menus or in inconvenient locations.


The first tab is where you will start: it’s the dashboard. This is where you can find upcoming orders and plan for the day ahead. Interact with orders through quick actions to make it easier to accomplish daily tasks.


Of course, you can always view orders in the same way as before, but with updated search tools. This is now the second tab you will see on the tab row, so you can continue working in the same way if you wish.

New Order

In the center, you will find a new circular button that allows you to create a new order from anywhere in the app instantly. This has been expanded from a small plus sign to a bright blue button for convenient access.


As always, your notes are available within the tab row to easily access conversations with your team. Talking about specific orders is as easy as it has always been and has received a slight facelift.


Settings are no longer hidden in the top corner of the app and now hold the final position on the tab row. It has been redesigned to be easier to use and navigate so you can quickly change settings within the app.

Better payment management


Payments have been updated to match the experience you receive in the web version of Booqable. You now have all of the same options available to you for registering payments, sending payment requests, and sharing payment information with your team and customers.

Easier to access

With the new dashboard, you have instant access to payments on every order via the new payment status button. You can also quickly navigate to the payment tab within any order to register or request payments, as well as update payments when customers add products or extend their rental period.

Clear overview of payments

Payments are now broken down within the payment tab in orders, so you don’t have to take any actions to see if payments are due or completed. Get an overview of any payments that have been and take action on those that are due.

Expanded payment options

You now have all of the same payment options as the web version of Booqable with the ability to register cash and card payments and send payment requests via text, email, AirDrop, or QR code.

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Looking ahead

We are continuously developing the Booqable iOS app to bring you better and more convenient features for managing your business on mobile. In the coming weeks we expect to add advanced notification options and other minor improvements. We also haven’t forgotten our Android app and the team are working to make the experience consistent across all mobile devices.

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