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The Booqable App for Android is Here!

Author: Nathan Crossley April 24, 2023 · 3 Min read
The Booqable App for Android is Here!

We’re excited to announce that the Booqable Android App is now out of beta and available for download in the Play Store! The official release supports creating and editing orders, barcode scanning, internal communication, and a brand-new design. This allows you to manage your rental business from your Android device in more ways than ever before.

Thanks to feedback from our beta testers, we have created the best experience for managing rentals on the go. While the beta was a read-only experience, the official release is fully interactive. This gives you control and management over orders, processing pickups, and returns, and internal communication, so you keep track of your inventory wherever you go.

Today marks the official launch of the Booqable Android app, and our team is already working on updates that will be rolled out over the coming months, including payments and more. So, let’s explore what’s new and what you can do with the Booqable Android App.

All-new design


Our official Android app brings a fresh new look that perfectly combines Booqable’s styling with native Android design. This helps to create a user experience that is intuitive and familiar. With just a few clicks, you can quickly achieve any task within the Booqable app, thanks to the new navigation bar, which puts everything at your fingertips.


You’ll start your daily routine on the first tab, the dashboard. It’s where you can see upcoming orders and plan your day ahead. You can use quick actions to interact with orders to make your daily tasks easier.


The second tab is for orders, which you can view like before, but with updated search tools. If you prefer, you can continue working in the same way.

New Order

To create a new order from anywhere in the app, there’s a new circular button in the center. It has been expanded from a small plus sign to a bright blue button for convenient access.


Your notes are still available within the tab row, as always. You can easily access conversations with your team and talk about specific orders. The notes section has received a slight facelift.


Settings are now in the final position on the tab row instead of being hidden in the top corner of the app. The settings section has been redesigned to be easier to use and navigate, so you can quickly make changes within the app.

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Order management


With the Android app, you can easily view, create, and edit rental orders and manage pickups and returns. You get the same access to availability insights as in the web app, allowing you to create orders confidently. In addition, you can use the built-in barcode scanner to speed up pickups and returns.

Create and edit orders

Effortlessly generate and modify rental orders while on the go by accessing your customer database and real-time inventory availability. You can quickly enter customer information, add items, and complete bookings with unparalleled convenience.

Pickups and returns

Facilitate the pickup and return process easily by selecting a customer’s order, specifying stock items, and confirming product receipt. Similarly, follow the opposite process to handle returns and add the products to your inventory.

Scan barcodes and QR codes

Save time by scanning product barcodes, customer loyalty cards, or order QR codes using the app’s barcode scanning feature to hasten the pickup and return process. You can also assign barcodes to products without needing to use your computer.

Download now!

We look forward to seeing how you use the Booqable Android app and the difference it makes in your rental business. Of course, this isn’t the end, and we will continue developing new features as time passes. In the future, we plan to add payment processing to the app and more advanced features.

Download the Booqable mobile app from the Play Store today!

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