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Get ready for the launch: How we’ll roll out the Booqable beta

Author: Jeffrey van der Veer September 2, 2014 · 2 Min read
Get ready for the launch: How we’ll roll out the Booqable beta

Our team is working tirelessly towards the launch of Booqable. We’re thrilled at the amount of sign ups for the beta so far, and we would like to inform you on our timeline for the coming time.

Week 38 (September 15 - September 21)

The beta will go live. To ensure this is a smooth process we’ll be rolling out beta accounts slowly at first. Our team will contact signed up users, manually create their Booqable accounts, help with setting up their company and give a walkthrough of the app. 

Week 40 (September 29 - October 5)

Three weeks after the first release we aim to have all of our beta users up and running on their Booqable accounts. Our team will be ready to provide support at every step of the way. 

After October 5th

Our team’s focus will be on fixing bugs that will (undoubtedly) arise during the beta period and put the finishing touches on a few key features that will not be released with the beta. Once we’re satisfied with the apps performance and stability we will open up Booqable to the world. Meaning that new users will be able to create their own account through

The cost of Booqable during this period:

During the initial beta period the use of Booqable will be free of charge and no credit card will be needed to sign up for the beta. 

Thanks for your continued support and we’ll be in touch with all of you shortly.

The Booqable team

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