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Booqable interface improvements - Iteration #1

Author: Jeffrey van der Veer January 20, 2015 · 1 Min read
Booqable interface improvements - Iteration #1

Last month we’ve been working very hard to improve the Booqable experience. We redesigned many parts of our interface. Below is a list of the most notable changes.


  • From now on creating or opening a document is just one click away within an order
  • It’s easier to see which products are available during the selected period
  • Added ability to customise the charge for a product
  • Easier to use period selector


  • Dramatically improved PDF rendering
  • Save space displaying company and customer data

List views

  • We improved searching; it’s a lot smarter now
  • We saved a lot of space in the filter segment

Last, but not least. We’ve crushed a lot of bugs so the experience should be better than ever!

Go check it out!

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