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5 Brand New Feature Improvements You Might Have Missed

Author: Jeffrey van der Veer August 7, 2019 · 3 Min read
5 Brand New Feature Improvements You Might Have Missed

Last month, we launched a large number of settings screens, along with various performance updates and a new UI framework. It’s now easier for us to build testable, re-usable components, which results in less code, a more consistent user experience, and faster development. As these are all substantial updates, you might have missed some smaller improvements we made in the past couple of weeks. That’s why we wanted to give you a quick roundup of new features that might have slipped under your radar.

1. Spot availability issues faster


One of the core benefits of Booqable is the fact that you’re protected from overbooking. Nothing’s worse than reserving the same item twice and looking bad in front of a customer.

Booqable already prevented you from assigning the reserved status to orders when availability conflicted. Spotting the issue, however, sometimes required you to take a thorough look at your calendar. Booqable now shows you precisely which stock items are unavailable when a conflict occurs. You even get a shortcut to your product calendar, helping you pinpoint and resolve the issue much faster.

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2. Set your first day of the week


For most Europeans, a week starts on a Monday. Cross the North Atlantic, and Sunday is likely to kick off your week. And to make matters worse for internet companies, some weeks even start on a Saturday. With customers in every corner of the world, Booqable’s default calendar views might not work for everyone. With our new update, you can change the first day of the week, so all calendars in Booqable are set to your preferences.

Note: Are you using Booqable to accept online reservations? The update doesn’t affect the date picker and shopping cart on your website. Booqable always displays the locale of your visitor.

3. Change your currency formatting


Besides weekdays, geography also affects your currency formatting. Of course, you were always able to change your currency settings in Booqable. But until now, you couldn’t change the way currencies appeared on orders, documents, alongside embedded products, and in many other places. The new update allows you to choose between a currency symbol or code, and place them before or after the monetary amount.

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4. Get notified about new reservations


When you allow desktop notifications, Booqable will automatically inform you about new online reservations. Whenever someone books through your website (or through the hosted store), Booqable will trigger a desktop notification. Click the notification to navigate directly to your newly created order and take further action.

5. Define custom date ranges for reports


Knowing which products generate the most revenue (and which don’t) is one of the most valuable metrics for any rental business. Would you be able to track what works and what doesn’t without this data? You can now get even more out of your Booqable reports by filtering product performance for custom date ranges. Ultimately, this will help you make better business decisions and improve equipment utilization.

Note: We couldn’t help but add the date picker to other places in Booqable. Filtering orders and documents also got quicker and more pleasant than before.

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