Order Management

Easily manage your rental business

Enjoy easy-to-use rental software to manage your day-to-day rental operation with insight and simplicity.

Order management interface
Order management interface
Fast order workflows

Whether you receive orders online, over the phone, or from walk-in customers, let your team create and manage orders quickly and easily using a single rental system.

Order overview screenshot
Meaningful insights, more flexibility

Booqable automatically calculates prices and availability for your rental orders. You’ll save time, reduce human error, and be flexible when you need to make changes.

Booqable order creation
Improve your customer relationships

Keep track of customer information and communicate directly from Booqable using email templates that automatically populate with the right data.

Customer management
Booqable pickup screen

Faster check-ins and checkouts

Enhance your customer service by accelerating the in-store experience.

  • Offer frictionless pickups and returns
  • Ensure the right equipment goes out
  • Increase productivity with barcodes
Process security deposits

Ensure your products come back in the same condition as they were rented out. Charge security deposits and keep or refund the deposit amount upon return.

Customer management

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