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Order Management

Manage rentals from pickup to return

With Booqable, you can manage orders with full visibility, be flexible when changes happen, and accelerate the pickup and return process.

Order management interface
Order management interface
Follow rentals through
every stage

Get a complete overview of your orders, and quickly see whether they’re reserved, out with customers, and returned on time.

Visual planning, zero

Manage rentals with automatic pricing and availability calculations, saving you time while protecting you from overbooking.

With Booqable, it’s remarkably simple to see what’s reserved, picked up, and available.

Julie Krontz, Island Dog Outdoors

Manage and resolve shortages

Define shortage limits for your rental items to reserve more than you have available—a powerful tool for growth.

Anticipate and resolve shortages
Optimize the way you
manage rentals

Increase efficiency by centralizing your communication, documents, and payments, with every rental order.

Rental management
Create a flawless checkout

Specify the exact items you're checking out and in to ensure nothing is missing.

  • Reserve your products

    Create a rental order and reserve your items

  • Specify your stock

    Select the items you want to check out

  • Mark as picked up

    Track what's in-house and out with customers

Smoother pickups,
happier customers

Use barcodes to accelerate checkouts, reduce mistakes, and provide your customers with a streamlined rental experience.