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The booking calendar for your rental business

Add an easy-to-use booking calendar to your website without any coding skills. Get set up with rental availability within just a few minutes.

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from 700+ reviews

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Prevent double-bookings

Discover our booking calendar with real-time availability

Did you know that most bookings are made outside of opening hours? Add an availability calendar to your existing website or create a complete website with Booqable.

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Prevent no-shows

Require payments in advance for online bookings to prevent no-shows. Accept multiple payments methods, charge security deposits, and automatically confirm bookings via email.

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Booking calendar availability up-to-date

Automatically reserve products

When customers book and pay in advance, products are automatically reserved to prevent overbooking. Your inventory is always up-to-date for online and manually created bookings.

Integrate the booking calendar

Add a rental calendar to your website with easy integrations for WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. Don't have a website yet? You can also create one with Booqable's website builder.

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Start accepting online bookings with real-time availability.