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Why you should swap Excel Spreadsheets for Rental Software Tools

Author: Nathan Crossley July 29, 2021 · 4 Min read
Why you should swap Excel Spreadsheets for Rental Software Tools

Companies have used spreadsheets to manage their data for almost a generation, and rental businesses are no exception. Especially in the early stages, using Excel or Google Sheets is a cheap and easy way to run your company. But how do they hold up as your company grows?

Of course, many rental businesses still use pen and paper to track their bookings and inventory, so Excel or Google Sheets themselves could be a transformative experience even now. And although this may work well when you only have a handful of orders, it won’t be long before the tedious frustrations of using Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets come to the surface. So, it makes sense to take an even more significant leap to a streamlined, easy, and intuitive rental software like Booqable.

Booqable is affordable, easy to use, and has been implemented by over 2,000 rental businesses worldwide. It features everything you need to run a successful rental company, and it leaps ahead of Excel and Google Sheets in every aspect. So let’s take a look at the reasons you should swap out Excel spreadsheets for Booqable rental software.

Spreadsheets are unreliable

  • Spreadsheet programs like Excel and Google Sheets aren’t accurate for tracking inventory. There is an increased likelihood of data errors, and with large quantities of information, this is magnified, mainly when unexpected actions occur.
  • Spreadsheets lack a validation process, and there is the potential for errors when copying and pasting information.
  • Time is wasted when you have to scroll through a lot of information to validate and track data.
  • Within large volumes of data, it can be almost impossible to spot and correct every single error.
  • If your computer crashes, you could potentially lose all your hard work and have to start again from scratch.

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Spreadsheets don’t have real-time asset tracking

  • Updating spreadsheets constantly isn’t something anyone wants to do.
  • There’s no asset tracking, which makes it hard to keep track of everything and sync data. This is especially true when more than one person has access to the file.
  • Again, time is wasted on updating spreadsheets and constantly checking to see the most current data.

Multiple user access is problematic in Excel and Google Sheets

  • Excel and Google Sheets can be great tools until more than one person needs to access a file.
  • Spreadsheets can be edited by multiple people but often don’t update immediately.
  • Copying data from one spreadsheet to another usually ends up in chaos.
  • You often can’t track who has made changes to a document, so it can be challenging to know who to blame.

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Spreadsheets limit quick data analysis and overviews

  • This makes it very difficult to track trends and meet demand.
  • Often there is so much data in an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet that it can be challenging to discern what is relevant.
  • Planning for the future is practically impossible.

Let’s face it; Spreadsheets are quite ugly

  • Spreadsheets are old-fashioned and tiresome to use with formatting that was great in the ‘90s but now it’s outright ugly.

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