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The 5 Most Searched Rental Products on Google in 2022

Author: Nathan Crossley November 24, 2022 · 3 Min read
The 5 Most Searched Rental Products on Google in 2022

Google has released its list of the most searched products in 2022, and while it focuses on shopping, we can draw insights for rentals too. This list shows the products that people using Google were most interested in this year. It’s fair to assume that they search for not only products they want to buy but also products they want to rent. Each industry follows similar behavior.

Of course, there are many products on this list that aren’t suitable for renting, but there are a few items that are popular for rentals. This guide can help you to understand consumer behavior and can serve as inspiration for new products you can add to your inventory. In addition, if you already rent these products out, you may want to double down on your optimization and promotion for those product pages.

What rental products were searched for the most in 2022?

VR headsets

Google reports that VR headsets are particularly popular in the winter when more people are at home, and they have time to do some gaming. Google Trends also shows that interest in VR headsets has slowly risen over the past few years. As technology advances, they make for an affordable proposition for consumers to rent, while they continue to become more affordable.


VR headsets make for great rental products as many people are interested in trying them, but they often don’t make sense to purchase. As with many tech and gaming products, they’re only fun for so long, and they often end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. However, more and more rental businesses are seeing success with VR headsets, and now might be the perfect time to hop on the trend.

Mobile saunas

Mobile saunas have been growing in popularity recently, and Google reports that Americans, in particular, are searching for them more than ever. The number of rental businesses offering mobile saunas has also risen over the past 12 months. Google Trends data shows a steady rise in consumer interest, with searches peaking in the early months of the year.


The trendiness of mobile saunas makes them perfect for entrepreneurs looking to get into the rental industry. The upfront cost can be high, but they also demand a high rental cost, which makes them a profitable endeavor. In a trend following the pandemic, more people are choosing to entertain and relax in their homes, and a sauna certainly makes socializing a more exciting experience.

Electric bikes

It’s no secret that the interest in electric bikes has increased massively over the past few years. Manufacturers and bike-sharing services have flocked to them, and for good reason. Google reports that electric bikes were searched for more than ever this summer. This no doubt aligns with it being the first summer in recent memory where consumers had the freedom to travel more.


Electric bikes are an excellent investment for established bike rental businesses as they bring more variation, choice, and interest to your inventory. People are willing to pay a bit extra to experience what they’re like to ride as, despite being popular, they are still a novelty for the general population. So, jump on them while they’re hot to reap the most rewards.

Electric scooters

Unsurprisingly, electric scooters were also very popular this year, with Google reporting high search volume during winter months. Similarly to electric bikes, scooters have seen a significant increase in interest in recent years. Google Trends shows a 250% increase in search volume since 2016, showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.


The great thing about electric scooters is that they’re easy for almost any business in urban areas to start renting out. They are the ultimate commuter and traveler transport, combining the benefits of electric bikes with the fun of riding a scooter. No wonder their popularity has increased, and they are much better now than you probably remember as a kid.


You remember the promise of glasses that can act as a display for your digital life when Google announced its Glass product many moons ago. While we’re not quite at the point yet, there have been a few exciting products released recently, and Google reports that interest in smartglasses reached a decade-high search volume this past year.


Similarly to VR headsets, a few years, smartglasses have been on the bubble of becoming mainstream. However, they’re not quite there yet, and their high pricing is enough for consumers to wait until they’re more affordable. Until then, people are still very interested in the technology and what they can do, and renting them will likely become popular in the coming year.

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An exciting year for next-gen tech

What did you think of this list? Were you surprised by any of the products that appeared on it? Technology is constantly evolving, and with the pace at which products are released, people can’t afford everything. It’s also not always worth being on the cutting edge as a consumer as you’ll probably have to upgrade sooner than you’d like, contributing to e-waste.

However, for rental businesses, they can be an excellent investment to make a profit off of a trend and increased interest while these products are still in their infancy. This is especially true as we head closer to a circular economy, and it makes more sense to rent out products than buy them. After all, if 10 people buy electric bikes, 10 people will enjoy them, but if 10 electric bikes are rented out, hundreds can enjoy them.

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