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The all-in-one reservation system for rental companies

Reservation System - Secure shopping cart

Trusted by 1,500+ rental businesses worldwide

Booqable is rated 5 starts on CapterraBooqable is rated 5 stars

Plan reservations

Schedule reservations with automated pricing calculations and availability updates, so you can save time on repetitive manual tasks.

Receive bookings

Let customers reserve products via your website. Installing Booqable takes just minutes and requires no coding skills.

Keep track

Keep track of all reservations in one place. Instantly see what’s rented out by when and hit your deadlines with less effort.

Accept online reservations

Booqable works through products you can embed on your website. Let your customers see product availability in real-time and instantly accept reservations via our integrated shopping cart.

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Reservation System - Accept payments online and in person
Reservation System - Online Rental Store

Trusted by the world's greatest rental companies – big and small

Sennheiser uses the reservation system to manage their demo stocks
Cycle World Dunedin uses the reservation system to hire out performance road bikes
Ticketbooth uses the Booqable reservation system to manage their equipment in-house
Indiana Wesleyan University uses the reservation system to rent out outdoor equipment for their Adventure Learning program

Easily manage reservations

Manage all your reservations in one dashboard. The dashboard’s also the place where you can keep track of products, search and save information, and find the controls for the online reservation system.

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Reservation System - Calendar

You're in good company

Increased orders by 32%

Booqable saves us 15 hours and a ton of paperwork per week.

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Booqable sped up our pick-up and return process by 27%.

Booqable made our inventory data 90% more reliable.

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