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How Offering Discounts on Equipment Rentals Can Boost Your Revenue

Author: Nathan Crossley April 18, 2024 · 3 Min read
How Offering Discounts on Equipment Rentals Can Boost Your Revenue

The equipment rental industry is highly competitive, and businesses must continuously explore strategies to attract and retain customers. One practical approach is offering discounts on equipment rentals. This practice entices new customers, fosters loyalty, improves asset revenue, and adapts to market fluctuations.

One common concern with offering discounts is the potential impact on profitability. However, strategically structuring your discounts and targeting them effectively can drive increased demand and overall revenue, offsetting the discounted rates. Additionally, discounts can be temporary or limited-time offers, minimizing the long-term impact on your pricing model.

Let’s explore the benefits of offering discounts and provide practical strategies for implementing them in your rental business.

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Why Offer Discounts on Rentals?

Offering discounts on equipment rentals serves multiple strategic purposes. It immediately strengthens new customers to try your services over competitors, which is crucial in a market where clients are cost-sensitive.

Additionally, discounts can help clear out inventory that is slow-moving or older but still serviceable, which improves asset turnover. This practice can also help you maintain a competitive edge in the market, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Here are some key benefits of offering discounts on equipment rentals:


The demand for rental equipment can vary dramatically with the seasons. Off-peak discounts help maintain a steady flow of revenue and help to keep your inventory moving and your business vibrant. For instance, if your business experiences a lull in rentals during winter, offering a 20% discount on outdoor equipment rentals could help maintain a steady revenue stream during this off-peak season.

Customer loyalty

Discounts are a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. Offering special rates for returning customers encourages repeat business and ensures a loyal customer base that feels valued. This can lead to positive word-of-mouth and enhanced brand reputation. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on the second rental for customers who have rented from you before. This not only incentivizes repeat business but also rewards customer loyalty.

Better customer experience

Offering discounts can improve the overall customer experience by making rentals more accessible and affordable. This approach increases the likelihood of customers choosing your service over competitors. It enhances their satisfaction and the chances of them recommending your rental business to others. In this way, discounts can be a valuable marketing tool that drives customer acquisition and retention.

Automate discounts on your rentals

Automating discounts allows for a hands-off approach to maintaining competitive pricing without constant manual oversight. By utilizing advanced pricing rules, you can automatically offer discounts based on factors such as the length of the rental period and seasonality. This saves on labor costs and ensures that your discounting strategy is consistently applied, reducing the likelihood of pricing errors and enhancing customer trust in pricing fairness.

Implement discounts with your pricing structure


Your pricing structure can help you address your goals for customer discounts. One effective strategy is to offer a tiered pricing model where the cost per day decreases after the second day of rental. This incentivizes longer rentals, increasing your customer revenue and maximizing equipment use. By structuring your pricing in this way, you can encourage customers to rent for longer periods, boosting your revenue and improving asset utilization.

Set up advanced pricing rules to apply discounts


Consider implementing dynamic pricing models that offer discounts during weekends or specific periods that traditionally see lower rental demand. This can help balance your revenue streams and manage inventory more efficiently. By setting up advanced pricing rules, you can automatically apply discounts based on the rental period length or seasonality. This ensures that your pricing remains competitive and responsive to market conditions.

Give customers discounts directly

Direct discounts to customers can take several forms. For instance, implementing a points system where customers earn points with each rental that customers can redeem for discounts on future rentals is a proven strategy to drive repeat business. Consider implementing time-sensitive discounts for customers who commit to future rentals well in advance. You create a sense of value and appreciation by directly engaging customers with these personalized offers, boosting customer retention and satisfaction.

Offer coupon codes to customers


Offering coupon codes is another great way to drive rentals. These coupon codes can be distributed through email marketing, social media, or partner businesses. Coupon codes are particularly effective for targeting new customer segments or promoting new equipment. They can also be used to incentivize customers to rent during off-peak times or for longer durations.

Manually add discounts on request


The option to manually apply discounts at the order screen can be beneficial. This allows customer service representatives the flexibility to offer personalized discounts based on specific situations or in response to competitive pressures. It’s an excellent tool for enhancing customer relations and negotiating significant deals. However, it’s essential to ensure that manual discounts align with your overall pricing strategy and business goals.

Apply a permanent discount within your CRM


To effectively offer and manage discounts, you can apply discounts permanently in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This allows you to apply discounts to customers based on your specific criteria automatically. For example, if someone rents from you regularly, you can reward them with a discount. This approach helps build customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

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Using discounts to boost revenue

Discount strategies in equipment rental stimulate demand and build customer loyalty. This helps to create a better rental experience and adapt to market fluctuations. You can significantly enhance your service appeal and profitability by structuring your pricing models to include discounts for longer rentals and direct discounts via your CRM. Implement these practices thoughtfully to ensure they align with your business goals and customer expectations, paving the way for a more successful rental business.

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