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Why Your Business Needs a Great Visual Identity

Author: Nathan Crossley April 28, 2022 · 3 Min read
Why Your Business Needs a Great Visual Identity

Every business needs branding. Great branding helps you stick out from the online static and identify with your target audience. That’s why you need to take the time to develop a great visual identity for your business. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps that will attract, engage and grow your customer base wherever they interact with you online.

So, what is branding? Branding is the communication system a brand uses to develop, maintain, and grow its reputation. To get started, you need to have a detailed understanding of your customer and how you should be presenting your business to your target audience. It’s important to remember that branding is more than just a logo, it’s your entire visual identity.

Here are some ways that a great visual identity is beneficial to your business:

Identifying with your audience

Everyone is attracted to certain aesthetics because they are a part of us and we look for brands that reflect our aspirations. Visual identity plays a big role in how customers connect with brands and can subconsciously guide their decisions before they even make it to your product pages. If people are put off by your branding, they will quickly move on to the next business.

This is why it is important to have a visual identity that’s attractive and engaging, not only on social media but at every touchpoint customers have with your brand. From Facebook Ads to your checkout must feel like one unified experience. If you fall short, you could find potential customers being just that, never reaching the final touchpoint that makes you money.

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Unifying your brand vision

Visual identity is about more than just how your website and content look, it also plays into your brand vision. The mission of your brand should be clear solely from your visuals. You could have an amazing offering, but if your branding doesn’t reflect that, you’re likely to fall short. Aligning your brand vision and visual identity will bring a sense of purpose to your brand.

This sense of purpose is part of what attracts and engages your target audience. If they know that your goals meet their expectations, they are much more likely to do business with you. So, whether you want to help people create memories or provide them with the tools to complete a task, you need to make sure this is made clear through your visual identity.

Reinforcing your brand message

Your brand message may sound similar to your visual identity, but they are separate aspects of brand building that work together. Messaging is the system of how your brand expresses its value proposition through its narrative. A strong brand message combined with a great visual identity will develop understanding and trust in your brand.

That’s why it is key to ensure that your visual identity reinforces your brand messaging. Once you’ve defined what you want to say and how you’re going to say it, this must be consistent at all touchpoints. For example, if you want to portray your offering is affordable, you don’t want to have the word cheap slapped all over your visual branding.

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Improving your brand recognition

One of the most important aspects of your brand’s visual identity is the recognition it develops with customers. Think about it, whether you’re scrolling through social media or walking down the high street, you recognize brands before you even take any information in. This is important for brands to achieve and foster within their target audience.

Brand recognition is aided by having a consistent visual identity across all your customer’s touchpoints. For example, someone might see your ad showing you products on Facebook, then be walking past your store while they’re in town. Immediately a memory will be triggered about what your business is and the products that you offer.

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