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How to Create a Rental Website with Shopify

Author: Nathan Crossley May 8, 2024 · 4 Min read
How to Create a Rental Website with Shopify

Shopify is a fantastic platform for selling products online, but did you know it can also be a powerful tool for creating a rental website? Whether you’re renting out bikes for tourists, cameras for productions, or decor for events, Shopify can be used to create a rental website that helps you grow your rental business.

While Shopify’s core functionality isn’t built specifically for rentals, ou can use third-party software like Booqable to accept online bookings on your Shopify website. You can do this in various ways, from adding “book-now” buttons to your Shopify product pages to embedding full product lists.


Why choose Shopify?

Shopify has emerged as one of the leading e-commerce platforms globally, powering over a million businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and robust features make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish an online presence quickly. Moreover, Shopify’s extensive ecosystem of apps and integrations allows businesses to tailor their websites to suit specific needs.

In addition, Shopify’s website builder makes it easy to implement custom solutions that are not covered well by their apps. For example, making your products rentable on your Shopify website. Thanks to their website builder and great documentation from third-party tools, you can easily add online bookings to your website. Let’s consider how you can implement create a rental website with Shopify.

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How to create a rental website with Shopify

To create a rental website with Shopify you need to install a third-party rental software like Booqable. This will enable you to add online booking to your website, either by replacing Shopify’s add-to-cart buttons with Booqable’s “book-now” buttons, or by embedding Booqable product lists on your Shopify pages. This requires you to set up a Booqable account and add your inventory there.

You can follow this tutorial to get set up with adding rentals to your Shopify website. It will guide you through the process in a clear way that will help you add online bookings quickly and without headaches.

Once you’ve added your product pages to Shopify and implemented Booqable’s embeddable components, you will be ready to start accepting online bookings. Now, Shopify will be used for your website design and content and your rental bookings, payments, documents, and planning will be handled through Booqable.

Shopify rental website SEO basics

Shopify has an extensive range of apps that can be used for marketing and SEO, but it is important to get the basics right first. SEO not only involves the content on product pages, but also clearly communicating rental policies. This will help visitors to find and understand your offering, increasing the liklihood for them to convert into paying customers.


Product page SEO

There are four main aspects of product page SEO that you will need to focus on to get the most out of your website. They are title tags and meta descriptions, product page URLs, product descriptions, and images and videos. Let’s take a look at what each involves and how they can benefit your rental website.

  • Title tags and meta descriptions play a vital role in search engine results, requiring them to be engaging, keyword-rich, and accurately reflective of the product. Crafting these elements effectively can boost your click-through rate.
  • Product page URLs should be descriptive and contain your key terms to enhance both user experience and search engine comprehension.
  • Product descriptions should be unique and comprehensive descriptions, emphasizing the features, benefits, and distinctive qualities of your products, with keywords used sparingly.
  • High-quality images and videos can greatly enrich user experience, with descriptive file names and alt tags serving both visually impaired users and search engine algorithms in understanding your content.

These suggestions offer a solid foundation for improving your product pages. You should concentrate on developing pages that captivate users while also catering to search engine preferences. Experiment with various optimization tactics and fine-tune them according to performance metrics.


Crafting clear rental policies

Crafting clear rental policies is essential for establishing mutual understanding and trust between rental companies and customers. It should be prominently displayed on your rental website and easily accessible by visitors. There are a few essential elements that a required in a rental policy which are outlined below:

  • Overview: A concise introduction outlining the involved parties in the agreement, including their company names and addresses.
  • Financial arrangements: Detail whether a retainer or non-refundable deposit is necessary. If applicable, clarify the requirement for a security deposit and explicitly state that a signed contract permits you to charge the customer’s provided debit or credit card for any owed payments and fees.
  • Delivery, pickup, and returns: Address the responsibilities regarding the transportation, staging, and pickup fees associated with the rental equipment delivery.
  • Liability for loss and damage: Outline the protocol in cases of damage, theft, or loss of items. Specify whether the customer is liable for repair costs and the timeframe for which a product may be temporarily unavailable.
  • Modification and cancellation policies: Explain the procedures for making changes after reservation processing. Define the consequences of order cancellation before and after the final balance is due, based on your payment handling method (“If the order is canceled before the final balance is due, the deposit will be forfeited”).

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Can you make a rental website on Shopify?

Creating a rental website through Shopify offers entrepreneurs a scalable and efficient solution to capitalize on the growing demand for rental services. By leveraging Shopify’s robust platform and third-party software like Booqable, you can provide exceptional customer experiences. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand an existing rental venture, Shopify provides the tools needed to create a successful rental website, while Booqable handles the rental-specific features.

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