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5 Ways to Save Time with the Booqable Mobile App for Equipment Rental Businesses

Author: Nathan Crossley March 20, 2024 · 4 Min read
5 Ways to Save Time with the Booqable Mobile App for Equipment Rental Businesses

In the bustling world of the equipment rental industry–from camera gear and party supplies to bikes and outdoor equipment–demands efficiency and flexibility. The Booqable mobile app is a cornerstone for businesses striving to streamline operations while enhancing customer service across diverse sectors. Here are five pivotal ways the app revolutionizes time management with practical examples from the bike, AV, and event rental industries.

1. Create orders and make last-minute changes


The ability to create and edit rental orders directly from your mobile device is a game-changer. Gone are when you needed to rush back to your desk or office to adjust or update orders. With the Booqable mobile app, you can manage your rentals from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility saves time and enhances your ability to respond to customer needs promptly, improving satisfaction.

Imagine a client needing additional bikes for a group tour starting in less than an hour. The Booqable mobile app allows you to add these bikes to the existing order swiftly, ensuring the group can embark on their adventure without delay. Similarly, if a film shoot requires last-minute additions of AV equipment, the app lets you update the order on the spot, avoiding logistical headaches and enhancing client satisfaction.

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2. Instant customer updates for efficient operations


Keeping customer records up to date is crucial for providing exceptional service. The Booqable app makes it easy to add new customers or edit existing customer details on the fly. Whether on the shop floor, or out delivery equipment, you can ensure your customer information is always current. This immediate access reduces bottlenecks in the rental process and speeds up transactions, allowing you to serve more customers efficiently.

For example, a corporate client who regularly rents equipment for conferences has just booked equipment for an offsite team-building event. However, they realize the delivery address needs to be updated to a remote retreat location. Through the Booqable app, you access the order, update the delivery address, and use the integrated navigation to direct your delivery team to the new location efficiently.

3.Streamline pickups and returns with built-in barcode scanner


Managing pickups and returns can often be a logistical nightmare, especially when dealing with high inventory volumes. The Booqable app simplifies this process, enabling quick updates to rental statuses using the barcode scanner to check in items. This ensures your inventory is accurately tracked without manual checks. In addition, less time is spent on administrative tasks, and more time is available to grow your business and engage with customers.

After a weekend filled with events and bike tours, managing the return of equipment can be a logistical challenge. The Booqable app simplifies this by enabling you to process pickups and returns swiftly, ensuring each item’s status is updated in real-time. For bike rentals, this means quickly getting bikes ready for the next adventure, and for AV equipment, it ensures items are accounted for and prepared for upcoming productions.

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4. Quickly send payment requests for seamless transactions


Processing payments can be time-consuming, mainly when relying on separate tools or systems. The Booqable app offers integrated payment processing, allowing you to send payment requests directly through the app. This consolidation speeds up the transaction process, reduces errors, and enhances the overall customer experience by providing a seamless, efficient checkout process.

For example, an event planner rents additional tables and chairs for a wedding reception. The Booqable app integrates the payment process seamlessly, allowing you to send a request for the extra amount owed. This speeds up the process and provides a hassle-free experience for the client, making it easier to manage financial aspects directly from the app.

5. Real-time availability for proactive equipment management


Overbooking and stock shortages are common challenges in the rental industry. The Booqable mobile app includes powerful features for managing inventory and orders, helping prevent these issues. With real-time updates to inventory levels and the ability to coordinate orders effectively, you can ensure you have enough stock to meet each customer’s needs. This proactive approach saves time on manual inventory checks and order coordination, allowing you to focus on strategic growth and customer engagement.

Balancing inventory such as tandem bikes for couple getaways, PA systems for concerts, or tents for outdoor events is crucial to prevent overbooking and meet customer demands. The Booqable app offers real-time insights into inventory levels, enabling proactive equipment management. If there’s a surge in demand for specific items, like bikes in summer or event equipment during the wedding season, you can see what equipment is available and whether you can meet customers’ demands.

Save time with the Booqable mobile app

The Booqable mobile app empowers equipment rental businesses in the bike, AV, event sectors, and more to operate more efficiently, respond to client needs swiftly, and manage inventory smartly. By leveraging the app’s comprehensive features, businesses can save time and enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring they remain competitive and capable of handling the dynamic demands of the rental industry. Embrace the efficiency and flexibility Booqable offers and take your rental business to the next level.

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