20 Exceptional Rental Websites to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Author: Nathan Crossley September 11, 2018 · 8 Min read
20 Exceptional Rental Websites to Inspire Entrepreneurs

With Booqable, over two thousand rental businesses from various industries accept bookings and payments on their website. We’re proud of what people have achieved with their Booqable stores that we wanted to share some with you to inspire your journey to creating an online rental store. The businesses in these examples successfully supply locals with party equipment, tourists with bikes, creatives with camera gear, event planners with decor, and so much more.

Note: While building a website for your rental business may sound challenging, website builders make it easy and affordable.

Check out these rental stores and discover how others have brought their rental business online with Booqable.

1. Campers and Kit


Campers and Kit has an incredible website for their outdoor adventure rental business. It somehow combines a modern and retro look to create a very aesthetically pleasing website. The imagery perfectly showcases the experience they want to provide for their customers. Meanwhile, their booking experience is one of the most simple implementations we offer, allowing customers to pick a date and add their rental to their cart with ease.

2. Equipment Cafe


Equipment Cafe has established itself as one of the leading full-service film equipment rental stores in Vienna, Austria. From their homepage, it is immediately noticeable that they offer a great range of equipment with a mix of new and popular products. Thanks to categorization, customers can find camera gear, lenses, and accessories in a few clicks.

3. Evidence Cameras


Los Angeles, California-based Evidence Cameras has designed a website that is easy to navigate and illustrates how simple the process can be. By showing a curated gallery of logos from the equipment brands they stock, customers immediately recognize they’re in the right place. We also love the inclusion of some of their big-name clients within the film industry.

4. Falsett


Falsett has one of the most minimal and accessible camera rental websites we have seen. It’s broken down into categories, contact information, and their Instagram feed. This minimalist approach helps them create a great aesthetic and a no-nonsense service for their customers. As a result, it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for without too much information disturbing your experience.

5. Raz Rentals


Raz Rentals has a very modern approach that echoes the film industry with a sleek design and a streamlined order process. In addition, they have integrated product menus to create a professional-looking store that fits effortlessly within their website. This, combined with beautiful imagery, really showcases the industry-grade products they have on offer.

6. Roofbox2u


Roofbox2u’s website perfectly reflects the experience you’d expect to get from a product associated with cars. It combines modern design with no more information than required. In addition, it has a clean booking system that sends you directly to their Booqable store, where you can check availability and book their items in a hassle-free experience.

7. Up North Bike Rentals


Despite their very Yorkshire-sounding name, Up North Bike Rentals is based in Nisswa, Minnesota. Their website has very clear branding, with the company’s green and orange color scheme throughout the website. It feels like a modern family-friendly company, precisely the image they are aiming to portray. They offer Surrey Bikes which have multiple seats to allow families to enjoy their bike trails together.

8. FOMO Rentals


FOMO Rentals founders Jamie and Sam give their customers access to the latest, top-of-the-line camera equipment at affordable prices. As an independent camera, lighting, and audio equipment rental company based in London, they’re on a mission to the one-stop shop for London’s creative industry. They’re constantly adding new inventory from manufacturers such as Arri, Canon, Red, Sony, Blackmagic, and many more to stay on top of the game.

9. Girona Cycle Centre


Girona Cycle Centre’s website has a feeling similar to what you might expect to find on your typical e-commerce website. This helps the experience to feel just like it would if you were shopping on any other website, which we’re sure their customers love. Meanwhile, their implementation of Booqable within their website means customers can select dates, see real-time availability, variations, and related products cleanly and efficiently.

10. Stefanie Cole Photogrpahy


Located in Connecticut, Stephanie Cole offers a fairly unique proposition with her client wardrobe. Her website has an excellent aesthetic that captures the spirit of her business perfectly. This is combined with breathtaking imagery that shows off the clothing she offers to her clients and features some very happy looking families.

11. Cloth and Confetti


Cloth and Confetti is an Australian events rental business that focuses on catering to weddings. Their website embodies this perfectly with a design that looks like a wedding magazine that has been brought to life online. It feels exactly how you expect a professional event rental business to feel and certainly creates excitement for your event from the moment you first open it.

12. On Trend Event Hire


On Trend Event Hire’s website is very colorful and Instagram-like style that creates a relaxed and professional feel while also being fun. Their hiring process is much more traditional, with customers being able to add items to the cart and input their requested days/times afterward. Overall, their website is very aesthetic and perfect for the events industry.

13. Neon Hire Australia


Neon Hire Australia’s website immediately transports you into the world of neon lights thanks to fantastic imagery and bright colours that let you know you’re in the right place. They share customer reviews and a feed from their Instagram profile that entice you to continue browsing the website to find the best neon signs for your event.

14. Frank & Joy


Frank & Joy has created a gorgeous and simple website that perfectly matches the high-end feel of the products they provide. Their rental website is broken down into three menu options that you can navigate to immediately – events, style, and hire. Once you click through to the hire page, you’re greeted with nicely organized categories complemented by elegant photography.

15. Emerson James


They don’t get much more sleek and elegant than Emerson James’ when it comes to wedding rental websites. It feels almost like you’re in a perfectly curated wedding magazine looking through some of the most gorgeous wedding decorations you’ve ever seen. The combination of an excellent layout and beautiful photography make this a picture-perfect website.

16. Cycle Sierra Nevada


Cycle Sierra Nevada’s website focuses on the customer experience with modern design as big beautiful images and quotes from their customers making up the entire content of the homepage. Their hiring process has a premium feel as it guides you step-by-step towards booking a bike with different screens for each step. It’s very reflective of the more premium service they offer.

17. The White Boutique


Focussing on providing decor to bespoke weddings and corporate events, The White Boutique shows off the brilliance of its service with a stunning website. If you go to the events page, you will find an almost never-ending gallery of beautiful images that showcase their work in different styles for their bespoke event clients. You can genuinely marvel at them for hours.

18. Flying China Events


Flying China’s website is perhaps exactly what you’d expect from a tableware rental company, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t brilliant. This is another example of a website that makes you feel like you’re flicking through a beautiful magazine to find the perfect tableware for your event. Their stunning photography sells their products and is a great case study for why imagery matters so much on your rental website.

19. Åre Bikes


Swedish Åre Bikes’ website is the perfect example of doing things differently. Where some bike rental websites feel cluttered, this one is minimal and beautiful. The mix of intriguing fonts that draw your attention and subtle background colors combined with stunning imagery instantly make you fall in love with the brand.

20. The Vintage Suit Hire Co.


The Vintage Suit Hire Co. is another example where the website perfectly reflects the personality of the rental business. It somehow manages to scream vintage fashion while also feeling modern and inviting. This is especially accented by the darker color choices and hints of gold that slip through in the text and design elements.

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