20 Exceptional Rental Websites to Inspire Entrepreneurs

With Booqable, over two thousand rental businesses from a variety of industries accept bookings and payments on their website.

Here’s a list of Booqable stores to inspire those on the journey of...

With Booqable, over two thousand rental businesses from a variety of industries accept bookings and payments on their website.

Here’s a list of Booqable stores to inspire those on the journey of creating their own online rental store. The businesses in these examples successfully supply locals with party equipment, tourists with bikes, creatives with camera gear, event planners with decor, and so much more.

Note: While building a website for your rental business may sound challenging, website builders make it easy and affordable.

Check out these rental stores and discover how others have brought their rental business online.

1. Big Little Campers


Founded by entrepreneurs Jon and Lizi in 2020 and based in Auckland, New Zealand, Big Little Campers is an independent campervan rental company that celebrates blending in instead of standing out. As life-long surfers and travelers, they know what’s essential for comfortable van life, helping them make sure their customers have a great experience on the road.

2. Equipment Cafe


Equipment Cafe is a full-service film equipment rental in Vienna, Austria. Their homepage showcases featured gear (either new or popular products) and popular categories like camera rigging, lenses, and storage that help customers find the equipment they need in a few clicks.

3. Evidence Cameras


Based in Los Angeles, California, Evidence Cameras rents out film equipment on a website that’s simple and easy to navigate. A curated logo gallery indicates they provide a wide range of high-end equipment manufacturers to many clients in the film industry.

4. Falsett


On its rental website, Falsett has three main features in addition to the navigation: categories, contact information, and an Instagram feed, making for a clean and minimalist rental website.

5. Show Works


Sound design company Show Works grabs customers’ attention with a large image and a solid statement that reads: “Sound is our passion.” Customers can easily navigate to either hire or sales pages and check out recent projects.

6. Crankswagon


The best way to explore Sydney by MTB? Crankswagon. Their rental website makes it simple to hire a mountain bike and persuades visitors to book two or more days by offering a 20% discount. Scroll down for an Instagram feed full of MTB adventures.

7. Bikeadelic Hawaii


Bikeadelic provides bike rentals and tours in Waikiki, Hawaii. Customers can rent bikes, book (self-)guided tours, and learn about other people’s experiences by reading TripAdvisor reviews.

8. FOMO Rentals


FOMO Rentals founders Jamie and Sam give their customers access to the latest, top-of-the-line camera equipment at affordable prices. As an independent camera, lighting, and audio equipment rental company based in London, they’re on a mission to the one-stop-shop for London’s creative industry. They’re always adding new inventory from manufacturers such as Arri, Canon, Red, Sony, Blackmagic, and many more to stay on top of the game.

9. Girona Cycle Centre


That typical e-commerce feel makes Girona Cycle Centre’s rental website one of the best we’ve seen. An impressive Booqable implementation with a date picker, real-time availability, variations, and related products.

10. Vemdalsvargen


Located in the Vemdalen mountain region, Sweden, Vemdalsvargen provides everything you need to explore the mountains at your own pace. They offer snow scooter rentals, ski rental packages, accommodation near the mountain peaks, and a cozy restaurant to enjoy good food in front of the fireplace — perfect for family trips and weekends.

11. Gorilla Bike Rental


Gorilla Bike Rental rents out scooters with a simple approach to their website. High-quality photography, mixed with lots of white space, provides a clean user experience.

12. Labola Flowers & Decor


Labola Flowers & Decor conveys a brand identity that’s fun and playful while using a simple yet elegant website design.

13. A Slice Of Vintage


Event rental company A Slice Of Vintage uses a simple, easy-to-navigate website that matches the aesthetic of their products.

14. Frank & Joy


You’ll immediately find three navigation options: events, style, and hire. The hire section of their website is categorized nicely, and elegant product photography conveys the company’s brand.

15. Emerson James


Sleek and elegant come to mind when you look at Emerson James’ event rental website. They do a great job of letting their event rental inventory take center stage, while still having a simple layout.

16. Cycle Sierra Nevada


Cycle Sierra Nevada’s website uses photography as the main focal point. Their selection of premium rental bikes is easily bookable through the date picker and shopping cart.

17. The White Boutique


Ranging from weddings to corporate events, The White Boutique brings its brand to life by showcasing large photography of bespoke events they’ve created for clients.

18. TableMade


Luxury tabletop rental TableMade uses a sleek, modern design for its rental website. The subtle use of color makes this store simple and beautiful.

19. Åre Bikes


One of the best bike rental websites with minimal design is Åre Bikes. A white background, simple call-to-action buttons, and a focus on product photography make a great impression on visitors.

20. The Vintage Suit Hire Co.


When you’re renting out wedding suits, you want to make sure the website matches your style. The Vintage Suit Hire Co. uses a classic color layout that breathes nostalgia.

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