Rental Website Designs: 20 Best Online Rental Stores and Why They Work
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Jeffrey van der Veer
Product Marketing

Rental Website Designs: 20 Best Online Rental Stores and Why They Work

Designing a website for your rental business is far from easy. There are so many factors to get right: navigation, categorization, product photography, copywriting, and above all, having a system in place that lets your customers book online.

The good news is that with loads of site builders available today, building a website from scratch has gotten more accessible and affordable, even if you haven’t written a single line of code before. A high-converting rental site, however, requires more than a PDF catalog, pricing table, and contact form. Drawing from the hundreds of examples we’ve seen, there’s one aspect that makes or breaks all rental websites: user experience. That’s where booking systems come in.

A booking system like Booqable not only allows you to provide a smooth rental experience, but also offers a back-office that lets you manage all your bookings, including the ones you take in-person, by phone, or via email. No matter how they come in, all reservations are checked against your real-time inventory, which prevents double bookings and helps your customers self-serve. In turn, this reduces the time you would otherwise have spent answering phone calls and emails.

With so many different kinds of rental companies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a website. Every industry is different and therefore has specific requirements. So instead of giving you a step-by-step guide, we prefer to share some great examples with you. Whether it’s a site for your bike shop, party business, or equipment company, we put together a list that showcases how other companies in your industry create outstanding rental experiences. Let’s get into it!

1. Equipment Cafe

Equipment Cafe

Equipment Cafe is a full-service film equipment rental in Vienna. Their homepage showcases featured gear (either new or popular products), and categories like camera rigging, lenses, and storage helps customers find the equipment they need in a few clicks.

2. Evidence Cameras

Evidence Cameras

Based in Los Angeles, California, Evidence Cameras rents out motion picture equipment on a website that’s simple and easy to navigate. A curated logo gallery indicates they provide a wide range of rental equipment to many clients in the film industry.

3. Falsett


On its homepage, Falsett has three main features in addition to the navigation: categories, contact information, and an Instagram feed, making for a clean and minimalist rental website.

4. Show Works

Show Works

Sound design company Show Works grabs customers’ attention with a large image and a solid statement that reads: “Sound is our passion.” Customers can easily navigate to either hire or sales pages and check out recent projects.

5. Crankswagon


The best way to explore Sydney by MTB? Crankswagon. Their homepage makes it simple to hire a mountain bike and persuades visitors to book two or more days by offering a 20% discount. Scroll down for an Instagram feed full of MTB adventures.

6. Bikeadelic Hawaii

Bikeadelic Hawaii

Bikeadelic provides bike rentals and tours in Waikiki, Hawaii. Customers can rent bikes, book (self-)guided tours, and learn about other people’s experiences by reading TripAdvisor reviews.

7. Cycle World Dunedin

Cycle World Dunedin

Cycle World’s website uses video as the main focal point, followed by large panels and beautiful photography that offer a great user experience.

8. Girona Cycle Centre

Girona Cycle Centre

That typical e-commerce feel makes Girona Cycle Centre’s website one of the best we’ve seen. An impressive Booqable implementation with a date picker, real-time availability, variations, and related products.

9. Gorilla Bike Rental

Gorilla Bike Rental

Gorilla Bike Rental rents out scooters with a simple approach to their website. High-quality photography, mixed with lots of white space, provides a clean user experience.

10. Picked Rentals

Picked Rentals

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Picked Rentals curates, designs, and builds an eclectic collection of furniture and home decor. High-quality photography showcases each item, which clients can add to the Booqable shopping cart to request a quote.

11. Labola Flowers & Decor


Labola Flowers & Decor conveys a brand identity that’s fun and playful while using a simple yet elegant website design.

12. A Slice Of Vintage

A Slice Of Vintage

Event rental company A Slice Of Vintage uses a simple, easy-to-navigate website that matches the aesthetic of their products.

13. Frank & Joy

Frank & Joy

You’ll immediately find three navigation options: events, style, and hire. The hire section of their website is categorized nicely, and elegant product photography conveys the company’s brand.

14. Emerson James

Emerson James

Sleek and elegant come to mind when you look at the Emerson James website. They do a great job of letting their event rental inventory take center stage, while still having a simple layout.

15. Cycle Sierra Nevada

Cycle Sierra Nevada

Cycle Sierra Nevada’s website uses photography as the main focal point. Their selection of premium rental bikes is easily bookable through the date picker and shopping cart.

16. Canary Ride

Canary Ride

Canary Ride rents out motorcycles in Gran Canaria. They invested in beautiful product photography that’s featured prominently throughout the site.

17. The White Boutique

The White Boutique

Ranging from weddings to corporate events, The White Boutique brings its brand to life by showcasing large photography of bespoke events they’ve created for clients.

18. TableMade


Luxury tabletop rental TableMade uses a sleek, modern design for its rental website. The subtle use of color makes this store simple and beautiful.

19. Åre Bikes

Åre Bikes

One of the best bike rental websites with minimal design is Åre Bikes. A white background, simple call-to-action buttons, and a focus on product photography make a great impression on visitors.

20. The Vintage Suit Hire Co.

The Vintage Suit Hire Co.

When you’re renting out wedding suits, you want to make sure the website matches your style. The Vintage Suit Hire Co. uses a classic color layout that breathes nostalgia.

21. Spekulor


Spekulor has a neatly categorized website that’s easy to navigate. It’s simple to find each category, see what’s included in the rental packages, and request a quote for high-end cinema gear.

Designing your very own rental website

When it comes to designing a website for your rental business, it’s important not to put function before design. Of course, your website should look beautiful and represent your brand, but if visitors don’t convert, what’s the point? Booqable can help you simplify and improve your booking process, whether you want to accept payments, or want visitors to request a quote. Want to try Booqable free for two weeks? Start a free trial today.

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