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Equipment Sign-Out Sheet: What to Include + Free Template

Author: Nathan Crossley June 15, 2023 · 4 Min read
Equipment Sign-Out Sheet: What to Include + Free Template

Equipment sign-out sheets and checkout forms play a crucial role in managing and tracking various types of equipment. These tools help organizations maintain inventory control, enhance accountability, and ensure smooth equipment lending and borrowing processes, whether in a school, lab, office, or any other setting.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance and uses of equipment sign-out sheets and checkout forms, along with different types of documents for specific contexts. You can also download a free equipment sign-out sheet template to help you get started.

What are equipment sign-out sheets?

Equipment sign-out sheets act as a bridge between your inventory and the people who need to use it. They create a system that records who uses what equipment, when, and for how long. This invaluable data can help you track usage patterns, prevent asset misplacement, and predict future demand.

Whether in a school managing audio-visual equipment, in a lab controlling access to sensitive instruments, or in an office keeping tabs on laptops and projectors, equipment sign-out sheets keep your operations transparent and accountable. They reduce the chances of equipment getting lost or stolen and can even help identify issues with equipment usage or maintenance needs.

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Who should use equipment checkout forms?

The type of equipment checkout form you choose will depend on your organization’s needs. The common thread is the power of these forms to keep your inventory under control and your operations running smoothly. Here are some examples of specific use cases:

  • School Equipment Checkout Form: Designed for educational institutions to manage the lending and return of resources like textbooks, laptops, projectors, and other classroom essentials.
  • Office Equipment Sign-Out Form: Enables efficient management of office equipment, including laptops, printers, mobile devices, and other tools needed for daily operations.
  • Sports Equipment Sign-Out Sheet: Supports sports teams and recreational facilities in keeping track of equipment such as balls, jerseys, bats, and other sporting gear.
  • IT Equipment Sign-Out Form: Serves as a system to log the borrowing and return of IT assets, including computers, servers, peripherals, and software licenses.
  • Construction Equipment Checkout Form: Utilized by construction companies or contractors to monitor the allocation and return of heavy machinery, tools, safety gear, and construction materials.

Inventory checkout forms and asset borrowing sheets are both types of sign-out sheets. Typically, they will include the item’s name, unique identification number, checkout date, return date, borrower’s information, and additional comments or conditions. Tracking who has borrowed an item and when it is due back can prevent inventory loss and ensure that all your assets are accounted for.


What makes the best equipment sign-out sheet?

An equipment sign-out sheet typically includes several essential elements to track the borrowing and return of equipment effectively. Here are the key features commonly found on such a sheet:

  • Equipment details: A clear and concise description of the equipment, including its name, model, serial number (if applicable), and other relevant identifying information.
  • Borrower/Requester Information: The name, contact information, and signature of the person borrowing or requesting the equipment. This may include their full name, department, employee/student ID, phone number, and email address.
  • Pickup date: The date the equipment is being signed out. This helps in determining the duration of the borrowing period.
  • Return date: The anticipated or actual return date for the equipment. This is important to ensure timely returns and avoid conflicts with subsequent borrowers.
  • Condition: A space to note the state of the equipment at the time of sign-out and return. This can include any existing damage or issues that need to be documented.
  • Signature: A designated area for the borrower to sign to acknowledge their responsibility for the equipment and agree to return it in the same condition.
  • Additional notes: A space for any other remarks, instructions, or comments about the equipment or its use.

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Best practices for using equipment checkout forms

Effective use of inventory control forms can greatly simplify asset management. Below are some tips to ensure efficient inventory control using forms.

  1. Standardize the form: Create a consistent format across all sign-out sheets and documents to ensure uniformity and ease of use.
  2. Implement a centralized system: Store all forms in a central location or utilize digital tools for easy access, tracking, and retrieval.
  3. Train staff members: Educate employees on the importance of using the forms correctly and consistently, and provide guidelines for accurate data entry.
  4. Regular audits: Conduct periodic audits to cross-reference the equipment using the information recorded in the forms, identifying discrepancies, and taking necessary actions.
  5. Digital solutions: Explore software or apps that streamline inventory management, automate form generation, and provide real-time tracking capabilities.

By including these essential elements, an equipment sign-out sheet ensures proper documentation and accountability for borrowed equipment, making it easier to track and manage inventory and resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

To make things easier, we have provided you with a inventory sign-out template for Word or Google Docs that you can download for free. The template is fully editable and can be printed or shared digitally.

Download Free Equipment Sign-out Sheet Template

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