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How the Booqable Mobile App Can Help You Serve Customers Faster

Author: Nathan Crossley June 27, 2024 · 3 Min read
How the Booqable Mobile App Can Help You Serve Customers Faster

Whether a customer has booked in advance or you need to create an order in-store speed, and precision are paramount. You need tools that help you be agile and achieve your tasks as quickly as possible. That’s where the Booqable mobile app comes in to help you be as efficient as possible when interacting with customers or preparing orders. This blog post will explore how to speed up the checkout process, create orders on the fly, and use Booqable’s automation features to save time.

Speed up the checkout process

When you’re serving a customer, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time searching for their order in your system. Trying to determine the correct stock items to hand out to customers can also be frustrating, especially when both processes are quite manual. These burdensome tasks can be a breeze with Booqable’s automation and the mobile app’s built-in scanner.

Quickly look up orders with QR codes


Whenever a customer orders on your webshop, they will receive an automated confirmation email. This email contains the details of their order and something very special. Each email has a unique QR code linked to the customer’s order. When the customer arrives at your store to pick up their items, they can show you this email. You can scan it with the app’s built-in QR code scanner to immediately bring up their order. This helps speed up the checkout process and ensures you can serve customers efficiently.

Minimize errors with barcode scanning for checkout


Once you have a customer’s order pulled up, you must collect the items they have reserved. This usually involves looking up stock items and matching them with your inventory. Sometimes, this can be a drawn-out process, especially if you have a lot of equipment. However, with the Booqable mobile app, you can use the built-in barcode scanner to get the right items. For example:

  • If your system is set up to reserve specific stock at the time of booking, you can scan items to double-check that they are correct.

  • If you do not reserve specific items, you can scan the nearest stock item and hand it out to the customer.

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Complete orders wherever you are

It can be challenging to serve customers when you have to take them to a counter to access your rental system. On the other hand, it can be a breeze if you can use the device you already have with you. Whether on the shop floor or outside, you can create new orders with just a few taps in the mobile app. This allows you to quickly meet a customer’s needs without the hassle of taking them across your store or inside.

Quick and easy order creation on the go


With the Booqable mobile app, creating orders on the fly is easy. You can simply click the “+” to start a new order, add your customer details, select the rental period, scan products directly in front of you, and add them to an order. This helps you serve customers faster and deliver a more seamless experience.

Capture signatures on your device


You can share the details of the order with the customer and ask them to sign a contract right on your phone. Simply tap the pencil icon, preview the contract, and have the customer sign on the signature pad. This is particularly useful when signatures are required for insurance purposes or to confirm the customer’s agreement to your terms and conditions.

Send payment requests instantly


Once your customer is happy with their order, you can immediately send them a payment link or have them scan a QR code on your phone. This allows them to pay for their order on the spot, just as they would if they had booked online in advance. This feature is especially useful for customers who need to rent equipment on the spot or who have forgotten to book in advance.

Seamlessly update your inventory


Finally, you can hand the items over to the customer and mark them as picked up. If needed, you can double-check them with the barcode scanner, to ensure you are handing out the correct equipment. When complete, this will update your inventory and make the items unavailable to other customers until they are returned.

Most important takeaways


Speed and precision: Essential for efficient order handling; Booqable’s mobile app enhances both.


QR code order look up: Quickly access customer orders using QR codes from confirmation emails.


Barcode scanning: Reduce errors and streamline checkout by scanning barcodes to verify stock items.


Mobile order creation: Create and manage orders anywhere using the mobile app, without needing a fixed system.


Real-time inventory updates: Mark items as picked up and update inventory instantly to maintain accuracy.

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