Our Picks: The Best WordPress Themes for Rental Websites

As one of the leading rental plugins for WordPress, we know how important it is to have a website that showcases your brand correctly. Your website is often the first interaction someone...

As one of the leading rental plugins for WordPress, we know how important it is to have a website that showcases your brand correctly. Your website is often the first interaction someone has with your rental business, so it needs to look the part. It is especially important for your website to look professional, as many customers associate this with how trustworthy your rental business is.

With almost 40,000 themes available for WordPress, it’s easy to get lost in an endless list of designs that, for the most part, are pretty similar. There are a few things you need to consider when looking for a WordPress rental theme: simplicity, responsiveness, and supported plugins. Of course, it also has to fit the tone and personality of your rental business.

So, to make the search a little easier for you and narrow down the options a bit, we have gone through all the rental WordPress themes available and come up with our top picks.

Some of them are sold as themes for specific industries, but you’ll be adding your own imagery anyway. So, for example, don’t be afraid to pick a yacht-based theme for your bike rental business if you like how it looks.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have all of the features you need. You always add plugins and integrations like Booqable, which we have designed to integrate with your WordPress website easily, so you accept bookings in a beautiful space reflecting your rental business.

Goya by everthemess


Goya is described as a modern and minimalist theme that has everything you need for your online store. It features a contemporary design template that will look beautiful with almost any kind of rental website. If your rental business focuses on experiences, then the large spaces for imagery will allow you to show off your products excellently.

It comes with WooCommerce built-in, which Booqable is compatible with and allows you to have a fantastic shop front to showcase your items. In addition, it is optimized for mobile devices and looks just like many bigger store’s websites so you can provide a professional experience to your customers.

Savoy by NordicMade


Savoy is another theme that provides a modern and minimalist design that can help you to create a streamlined rental website. It’s perfect for those who love the contemporary look of websites like Ikea that allow users to browse through your rental products easily.

This theme could be perfect for anyone from furniture rental business owners to tech and equipment rental business owners. It is one of the best-looking themes for e-commerce we have come across and comes with WooCommerce and mobile responsive design to help you make the most of your rental business website.

Sober by uixthemes


Sober is perhaps one of the most versatile e-commerce themes for WordPress as it gives you so many template options. You could change your website look every few months and never run out of new possibilities. This is perfect for rental businesses that like to have a dynamic presence that provides a sense of continuous growth.

This is another beautiful theme that allows you to create a gorgeous and contemporary rental website without a lot of effort. While being aimed at the fashion industry, it could certainly make an excellent theme for many rental businesses. Of course, it has WooCommerce and a responsive design, so you’re all set to go straight away.

Aterlier by SwiftIdeas


The demos for Atelier showcase everything from coffee shops to wine cellars and skincare products. This is a great theme that lets you know how versatile it is right out of the box. You can create an effortless rental website with its excellent range of components and diverse template options. It also looks beautiful on mobile.

Meanwhile, it claims to be optimized for speed, and we all know how important that is in today’s fast-moving online world. It also ships as translatable right out of the box, meaning that if your rental business deals with people from all over the world, they can easily interact in their native language.

Nitro by woorockets


The final theme on our list is Nitro which claims to be a universal theme that you can quickly adapt to suit your rental business niche. The theme’s demo provides examples of it being used in over 25 industries, including furniture, sports equipment, fashion, electronics, and decor.

It also features multiple product list layouts, product presentation combinations, and product detail variations to allow you to truly make it your own. Meanwhile, customer support is outstanding, and they will be able to help you turn your rental website into the one you’ve dreamed of. It is also super easy to integrate Booqable with your website.

Integrating Booqable with WordPress

To find out how to integrate Booqable with WordPress, visit our Help Center to read our simple guide that will have you up and running within minutes. It’s that easy to bring together the incredible functionality of Booqable with your very own website design and have your rental business’ online presence delivered in a way to suits you.

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