QR Codes: A Great Alternative to POS for Rental Businesses

It seems that QR codes are everywhere now. We use them in restaurants to view menus and order food, make payments with banking apps, and log into accounts on other devices like...

It seems that QR codes are everywhere now. We use them in restaurants to view menus and order food, make payments with banking apps, and log into accounts on other devices like TVs and laptops. So, it might be time for you to start using QR codes in your rental business that allow customers to make an online order in-store might just be the answer.

Traditionally, rental businesses that serve walk-in customers use a POS terminal to take reservations from customers. Usually, they are at the kiosk or standalone devices that customers can use themselves. However, as we are getting more used to touch-free interactions, QR codes are becoming more desirable for customers.

It makes sense, too, since over 80% of people carry a smartphone in their pocket that can scan QR codes. So, why invest in a separate system when people can just open their smartphone, scan a QR code, be brought to your online store, and make a payment right from the palm of their hands? The answer: you shouldn’t.

What are QR codes?

QR codes have been in the mainstream since 2011, but widespread adoption didn’t really occur until 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown shoppers and businesses that QR codes can be beneficial. Now that most well-known food, beverage, hospitality, and retail brands are employing QR codes, is it time for your rental business to skip self-service POS systems and use them in its place?

Well, statistics show that QR codes are quickly becoming the go-to link for shoppers between the physical and digital worlds. Payment provider, Adyen, has found that almost half of US shoppers say they’d like to see them as a payment option in more stores, while nearly a quarter don’t use physical payment methods anymore.

How do you create a QR code?

Creating a QR code is a quick process that requires no technical knowledge and can be achieved within minutes. First, you need to visit a QR code generating site like qr-code-generator.com and paste your website/Booqable store URL. Then you simply hit the Create QR code button, and your QR code will be generated. Finally, you can save it as a jpeg either on its own or with a customized frame, and you have your QR code!

You can then send it off to a sticker printer and print it yourself on your home printer with either plain or sticker paper (depending on your use case). Once you have your QR codes printed, you can place them wherever you need to give customers immediate access to bookings in-store. It’s really that simple to get started with QR codes and they can be a much easier alternative to a POS system.

How can QR codes improve customer experience?

Today’s customers desire a touch-free experience, and QR codes are a cost-effective way to provide it. They are free to create, cost very little to print, and can be done from your home! However, you may be wondering how they can improve customer’s experience when renting from your store. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways they can do this!

QR codes remove friction from the customer journey

Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket with a camera capable of scanning QR codes and pay (or view menus, access websites, and even social media pages). The immediacy of access that QR codes provide makes it is easy for customers to make a reservation. In turn, this translates to less friction when making a booking in your store.

QR codes can help you create a better rental experience by enabling customers to make bookings from their smartphones and pay with their favorite payment method. In addition, it results in less physical proximity to other customers and staff and reduces waiting times in-store - that’s a win-win for yourself and your customers.

QR codes put touch-free experiences in easy reach

Many customers love to switch between physical and digital channels when they shop, and it’s starting to become increasingly valid for rentals. However, checking out at a POS kiosk can be frustrating and inconvenient, where QR codes are instant and easy.

Allowing customers to reserve items from QR codes bridge the two worlds and will enable them to use online payment methods in-store. However, how you use QR codes in your store depends on how you choose to access customers.

For example, you can display QR codes on a banner, in your store entrance or in a window or you could get creative and place them on leaflets that customers can use in-store or take home to order in their own time. If you have a street sign outside your store you could place a QR code on there.

You can also display them around your local area to allow customers to make a booking before they visit your store. This could be the case for people visiting your town and deciding they need to rent a camera or bike.

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