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New: Add Barcodes to Products in the Booqable Mobile App

Author: Nathan Crossley March 7, 2023 · 2 Min read
New: Add Barcodes to Products in the Booqable Mobile App

Setting up barcodes in Booqable is now even easier with the latest update to the mobile app. Using the app and your phone’s camera, you can directly associate barcodes with any product or stock item in a few clicks. This removes the barrier of needing additional hardware and means you can order barcode stickers, stick them to your equipment, and associate them in-app.

Your entire barcode workflow can be done within the mobile app without further investment, from setting up barcodes to scanning items to add them to orders or check them in or out. This will help you save time, increase accuracy, reduce loss, and improve efficiency. It’s never been this easy to work with barcodes in your inventory ever before.

Setting up barcodes with the mobile app

Barcode association is accessible in the mobile app and takes significantly less time than previously. All you have to do is stick barcodes to your products, search for them in the app, scan the barcode, and confirm that you want to link it to that product. Alternatively, if you don’t want to scan a barcode, you can enter the barcode information manually if you like.

If you don’t currently have barcodes, we recommend ordering them from a supplier who can print sequential barcodes, or you can generate barcodes online and print them yourself. You can use almost any barcode type with your products in Booqable, so you can choose which ones you use and how you want to set it up from your end.

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The benefits of using barcodes

Booqable has supported barcodes for a long time, but with the latest update, it’s much easier to implement them within your business. From time-savings, to accuracy and loss reduction, there are many benefits to using barcodes with your rental inventory. Combined, all these benefits mean you spend less money and streamline your operations to get the most out of products.

Save time

Barcode scanning in the mobile app allows you to save time when processing rental bookings within Booqable. It makes it much easier to assign products and stock items to orders and speed up pick-ups and returns as you know instantly that you have the right items. This means you can provide customers a better experience by serving them faster.

Improve accuracy

Implementing barcodes also improves the accuracy of your rental business as you get instant feedback on whether you’ve added the right items. This makes tracking down products and utilization much easier, as you can confidently check equipment in an out. Resulting in reduced human error and ensuring customers receive the right equipment every time.

Reduce loss

You can reduce loss with barcodes as, combined with Booqable inventory tracking, they allow you to know where your equipment is and who had it last. This makes tracking down missing equipment super simple and helps you accurately track down the culprit in the case of loss. In addition, this allows you to determine better who to charge losses if the worst happens.

Implement barcodes today

You can download the latest update from the App Store for iOS and it will be available on Android soon. If you have a Pro or Premium Booqable subscription, you can get started immediately, and with Essential, you can trial barcodes and many other advanced features for 30-days. Set up and use barcodes without hassle with the Booqable mobile app.

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