Run your rental business online and in-store

Whether you want to rent out products from your website, receive online payments, create orders manually, or manage your inventory, Booqable has you covered.

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Trusted by big brands and small companies worldwide

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Manage rentals from
start to finish

Confirm new reservations during your morning coffee and end your day viewing detailed turnover reports.

  • Plan with surgical precision
  • Stay on top of reservations and inventory
  • Get more out of your customer relations
Start working more efficiently

Rent out products from your website

Turn your website into an online rental store with clear availability, a secure shopping cart, and online payments.

  • Easy to integrate with your website
  • Set custom prices, periods, and opening hours
  • Full control over colors and translations
Example of a Booqble online rental store showing a variety of products
  • Easy to integrate with your website
  • Set custom prices and periods
  • Full control over colors and translations
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Powering rental businesses in over 1,000 cities

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John Denning
Aspire Cycling

Before using Booqable, we kept reservations in a spreadsheet and updated our calendar to keep track of deadlines. This process was unreliable and destined to fail us at some point.

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Frederico Lang
Caramba Films

It’s much more than just software - it’s changed the way we work. We rely on Booqable every single day; I don’t think we can do without it.

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Charmagne Javier
The White Boutique

If we couldn’t use Booqable anymore, things would definitely be chaotic. Our warehouse operations heavily depend on it.

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