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Consumables and services for your rental business
BLOG / Feature | 2 min read
Jeffrey van der Veer
Marketer & Customer Success

Consumables and services for your rental business

Create rental, service or consumable items

Sometimes it’s the little things that add a silver lining to your day. Like hitting a string of green lights when you’re running late, not having to stand in line for your first cup of coffee, or realizing there’s a new feature in Booqable.

While we can’t make the first two happen, we’re excited to share that we’ve recently added new functionalities so you can create consumables and services along with rentable products in Booqable.

Generate more revenue with consumables

For rental companies, consumables are an excellent way of generating additional income. Most companies already pick this low-hanging fruit by selling accessories like gaffer tape, clapper boards, and water bottles. Now, you can use Booqable to charge and keep track of these items and list them in your online store, too.

💡 Tip: You don’t necessarily need to charge for consumables. Why not give away free confetti to spark someone’s day?

You can manually add consumables to the reservations you take from walk-in customers, by phone or email. And by showing them in your online store, people can add them to bookings at their convenience.

From transport to setup costs

So, what else is new? Well, the update also supports services. Perfect for companies that charge transportation, setup, or maintenance costs. Depending on your type of business and the products you rent out, you can create a service for almost anything you provide.

Online, your customers can opt-in for services after they’ve selected a rental period in the shopping cart. And for walk-in customers, they work similar to any other inventory type in Booqable.

In the product screen, you now have the option to choose a rental, service, or consumable when you’re creating a new product. Go ahead. Give it a try!

To keep up with the latest developments, see our full blog here.

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