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Track Company Equipment with Digital Equipment Checkout Forms

Author: Jeffrey van der Veer April 3, 2023 · 4 Min read
Track Company Equipment with Digital Equipment Checkout Forms

Equipment checkout forms are used by organizations and educational institutions to track the movement of assets. These forms, also known as equipment sign-out sheets, typically include information like the staff member checking out the equipment, the asset IDs, and reported damages.

Many organizations, as well as universities, use equipment checkout forms to avoid loss and theft of valuable company assets. And since these forms often serve as an agreement, they encourage proper use of company resources and provide a legal base.

However, most organizations still tend to rely on printed documents and paper-based workflows. That is a shame since the efficiency of the checkout process largely determines the cost-effectiveness of the equipment management operation. Printed equipment sign-out sheets can slow down your checkout process, which keeps employees or students waiting, and can quickly result in stacks of paperwork.

This article will briefly discuss the reasons why organizations use equipment checkout forms, the elements they should include, and technology you can use to accelerate your equipment checkout process.

When should organizations use equipment checkout forms?

In many organizations, employees use company equipment in their daily work. They might be testing demo equipment, or use electronics (e.g., laptops and tablets) and tools (e.g., power tools and machinery). Furthermore, many universities lend out equipment to students for projects and assignments. In any of these cases, a checkout form can support organizations in tracking the usage, location, and condition of company assets and prevent loss and theft due to poor equipment management. These are some of the advantages of using equipment sign-out sheets:

  • Keeping track of the movement of equipment to prevent loss and theft, and to schedule more effectively to increase utilization.
  • Emphasize employee or student responsibility to the appropriate handling of company equipment.
  • Track the condition of assets and encourage proper and regular maintenance of equipment.

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Which data is included in an equipment checkout form?

Whether your organization uses printed or digital sign-out sheets, a good checkout form should consist of details about the equipment, the employee/student lending the equipment, a return date, and terms and conditions that apply for using the company assets.

1. Equipment IDs

Equipment checkout forms should include a means to identify the equipment. For example, asset IDs or barcodes (you can accelerate the checkout process by using a barcode scanner). Also, make sure to include the quantities you are checking out, both for equipment and any accessories. At Booqable, we distinguish different equipment types into trackable inventory and bulk. More on these tracking types here.

2. Employee/student details

Note the full name, employee/student number, and contact information. The person should also agree with the terms and conditions by signing the equipment checkout form. Software programs such as Booqable support e-signatures, which reduces time spent on paperwork.

3. Return dates

Be specific about when the equipment is due to be returned, and at which location. Mentioning an agreed-upon date and time will also benefit your equipment scheduling efforts, which will ultimately maximize the utilization of your assets.

4. Damages

Make detailed notes of any damages before checking out the equipment. The same goes for returns; make sure the condition of the assets meets your inspection standards. If needed, take photos so you can keep employees or students accountable for damages.

5. Terms and conditions

Include (or refer to) your terms and conditions on your equipment sign-out sheet. Describe who owns the equipment and provide your policies for damages, loss, and theft.

Tools to streamline your equipment checkout process

Keeping track of company assets using pen and paper can quickly result in stacks of paperwork and inefficient checkout procedures. We’ve built Booqable to help organizations streamline equipment processes by moving their operations to a digital workspace. As a result, staff can check out equipment more efficiently, without too many manual actions. Furthermore, they can also create digital contracts, similar to sign-out sheets, and have these signed digitally. Equipment managers can spend less time on admin and track company equipment online.

Want to discover how your organization can manage equipment more effectively? Contact our sales team to learn more.

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