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Is Starting a Glamping Rental Business Right for You?

Author: Nathan Crossley August 24, 2021 · 3 Min read
Is Starting a Glamping Rental Business Right for You?

Over the past years, and especially in light of the 2020 pandemic, ‘glamping’ has begun to explode all over the world. If you can afford to capitalize on the growing popularity of the pastime and provide unique outdoor experiences, you can make some extra cash. So whether you want to pay off debts or earn some extra money for your next vacation, glamping is becoming a genuine side hustle that’s worth pursuing.

What is glamping?

If you haven’t caught on yet, glamping is simply a mash-up of “glamour” and “camping.” It involves camping in accommodation that feels more luxurious than the experience you get with traditional camping. It was once reserved for the rich but has become more affordable for the average consumer.

Many different types of accommodation fall under this term, including yurts, treehouses, tiny houses, tipis, tents, caravans, and bubble domes. Where traditional camping means staying overnight in nature and having your basic needs met, glamping means taking this experience and making it more luxurious, comfortable, and approachable.

However, glamping can be done in many different settings. There is, of course, the more traditional location of a campsite or ‘glampsite’ if you will, but it doesn’t have to be so daunting. Many rental businesses, including some of our customers, offer glamping experiences in people’s gardens. This is a much more accessible starting point that has fewer costs associated with it than creating your own ‘glampsite.’

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What should you consider when starting a glamping rental business?

Glamping is a growing industry that is set to be worth over $1billion by 2024, according to, so it’s a great idea to get in now while the market still isn’t saturated. But, of course, this isn’t the only reason to start a glamping rental business: it’s accessible for everyone, eco-friendly, luxurious, has low investment, high profits, and is a safe way for people to enjoy the outdoors.

There are also some considerations you should take when thinking about starting a glamping rental business. One thing to think about is the location of your glamping business, especially if you’re thinking about starting your own ‘glampsite.’ You need to have space readily available or look into land that you can buy or rent to set up in. Alternatively, if you choose the backyard option, you need to have a substantial number of people in your area with gardens big enough to hold a tent.

Something else to consider is the cost of entry. If you want to dip your toe in the water, it can cost you $600 - $2,000 for one tent to get you started, and you have to factor in the marketing budget. To have a decent selection of tents, you’ll need to invest $3,000 - $10,000 to get started. However, the return on the initial investment can come pretty quickly as you can charge a substantial amount for someone to rent a tent from you.

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