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Packing Slips: Reduce Human Error in Rental Orders

Author: Nathan Crossley October 6, 2021 · 3 Min read
Packing Slips: Reduce Human Error in Rental Orders

As a customer, when you receive a packing slip with your shopping, you more than likely throw it away or recycle it. However, as a rental business owner or member of staff, it can be a handy piece of information for getting reservations ready. In addition, during the preparing and packing process, it can provide vital information that may be missed otherwise.

Packing slips are documents that include a complete list of items that need to be included in a reservation. They will usually include details of the product, the SKUs, and the quantity of each item alongside customer information. Staff can use them to determine what items need to be included to complete an order accurately. It also allows the person renting equipment to ensure that they have everything they ordered.

How can you use packing slips effectively?

There are a couple of use cases where packing slips are beneficial to a rental business’ workflow. From helping staff identify the contents of an order to providing the correct customer details if the products are being delivered to a customer’s address. The first is especially true for event rental companies who often take large orders that cater to an entire wedding or event.

As with eCommerce, staff can use packing slips to identify all of the items required for an order to prepare for a customer to pick up or to be delivered to their address. They provide an accurate list of what a customer has ordered and include names, SKUs, and quantities. If used correctly, packing slips can reduce human error almost entirely.

This has proven to be an effective measure to ensure that bookings are fulfilled correctly in the events rental industry. Discover how Lakeside Linen Supply has reduced admin time, happier customers, and more repeat customers due to the trust that has been developed between customers and the business.

Meanwhile, another use case for packing slips is accurate customer information. This has allowed rental businesses to deliver orders to their customers on time as they have the correct information. It also means that reservations don’t get mixed up, and customers receive precisely what they ordered.

Some rental businesses attach the packing slip itself to packages to rule out any chance of error. This allows for less time creating labels, reduces the possibility of a mistake being made while inputting information, and ensures that the order is delivered to the correct address.


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Creating packing slips

You can spend the time creating packing slips yourself, but that process is prone to human error - especially if you have a lot of bookings. However, within your Booqable account, you can choose to view and print packing slips on the details page for each order. This provides an integrated process that makes operations more efficient and less prone to human error.

For example, when you’re getting ready to prepare orders for the day, you can simply print packing slips for every order in bulk. From there, you can go through your inventory and pick up the items the customer has ordered. Then, you can pack the order and verify that all of the contents have been accounted for. This makes the fulfillment process much more efficient and reliable.

In conclusion, fulfilling orders with the assistance of packing slips allows your workflow to be much easier to manage. In addition, it ensures that bookings meet customer expectations, verifies that everything in an order is accounted for, and makes sure that an order is delivered to the correct customer address.

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