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June 9, 2023

iOS App 3.0: UI and Usability Improvements

More control, a clearer booking experience, and tools that save you even more time. This is version 3.0, of the Booqable iOS app.

Since its launch, the main goal of Booqable’s mobile app has been to create the most intuitive and user-friendly mobile solution for rental management. Today, we are thrilled to be one step closer with a range of exciting new updates to the iOS app.

This all starts with a redesigned order screen, replacing smaller icons with a static screen, with larger icons and the ability to scroll! Skip working out difficult percentages when applying discounts on an order, and enjoy Booqable’s new fixed discounts feature.

Why wait until you have created a custom field from the Booqable desktop version if you quickly need to adjust a field on the customer, order, product, or online checkout screen? You can now create and adjust custom fields on the spot from your mobile device.

You should always be sure of the remaining balance, expected payment, and due security deposits within your Booqable reservations. An update to how payments are displayed on the mobile app has made that possible. Enjoy a more modern experience of communicating with your team from the app, with the messenger-style order notes update.


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