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The 10 Weirdest Things People Rent That You Wouldn’t Expect

Author: Nathan Crossley July 5, 2022 · 3 Min read
The 10 Weirdest Things People Rent That You Wouldn’t Expect

The world is embracing renting as a more affordable alternative to buying when it comes to expensive products or ones they will only use once. It makes complete sense in a lot of situations, like renting a bike while on holiday or a suit for your wedding day. However, people rent things that you wouldn’t expect and it can get pretty weird in some cases.

Some examples include a goat to trim the grass in your garden or a casket for when you want an open casket but plan to cremate your loved one afterward. These are undoubtedly a little strange, but it gets weirder when people rent out chickens and pre-packed suitcases and it only gets more strange from there.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of the 10 weirdest things people rent out that you wouldn’t expect.

1. Goats


On the face of it renting goats might seem bizarre, but it is actually a rather ingenious and eco-friendly way to cut the grass in your garden. Goats, of course, love eating grass and they naturally fertilize the ground as they work. They also don’t pollute and do an excellent job of trimming your grass and getting rid of those pesky weeds. Plus, let’s face it, they’re cute to watch.

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2. Caskets


Renting a casket seems illogical when you think about a traditional funeral service, but it’s smarter than you think. By renting a casket, families get to see their loved ones one last time without having to spend a ton of money on the casket. Then, their loved one can be cremated, balancing the intimacy of an open casket funeral with the affordability of cremation.

3. Cinemas for gaming


Yes, you read that right. You can rent out an entire theatre to create the ultimate gaming experience on the big screen. It makes the perfect entertainment for anything from birthday parties to bachelor parties and even new game releases. Definitely, something to keep in mind for your child’s next birthday party, or even your partner would love it for theirs.

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4. A private island


You want to get away for a week, but you REALLY want to get away? Now, a hotel wouldn’t do, there are far too many people around. So, what choice do you have if you just don’t want to be around people? You rent out an entire island of course! No, but really, if you’ve got the funds and hate people, you can bag yourself a private island from anywhere between $500 and $150,000 a night.

5. Christmas trees


For anyone who celebrates Christmas, bringing the tree down from the attic and decorating it is a favorite tradition. However, not everyone has the space to store a tree year-round because they live in an apartment. If they don’t want to miss out on a tree though, they can rent one for a few days around the festive period. Some places even offer themed decorations and ornaments.

6. Chickens


With the cost of living ever rising, you’re probably trying to save costs wherever you can and eggs can be expensive. Well, worry not, you can rent your own chickens with enclosures and food to lay eggs for you. This works out much cheaper than buying them every weekend for your omelet. The one caveat is that you have to feed and clean the chickens obviously.

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7. A wedding cake


If you’ve ever planned or known someone who’s planned a wedding, you will know that cakes can get pretty expensive. You can easily spend $1,000 on a wedding cake alone and that can be difficult on a budget. However, if you want the experience of a cake without being able to eat it, there are companies out there who will rent you a fake styrofoam cake for your special day.

8. Sex dolls


Up to now, it’s been pretty easy to justify the items on this list. Whether they’re saving you money or giving you an unforgettable experience. This one is a little harder though (no pun intended). It could save you money or give you an unforgettable experience, but really is it worth it knowing someone else has had “fun” with it just hours before you? Let’s move on.

9. Puppies


Who doesn’t love playing with a cute little puppy? There are stores where for just $15 an hour, you can take a puppy home to play with to your heart’s content. The hope is you will fall in love and want to adopt it, but it would serve equally well as a callous way to pick up women. However, you have to admit this is a great way for families to test the waters before a commitment.

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10. A pre-packed suitcase


What’s the worst thing about going on vacation? (Hint: the answer isn’t listening to your mother-in-law whine the whole trip.) It is, of course, packing! It’s the part we all dread the most when getting ready for a trip, but what if you didn’t have to? Well, there are some companies out there that allow you to rent a suitcase full of clothes that you have selected. How convenient!

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